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  1. sammykinzz

    how crap is this government ?

    People ask this question al the time... How crap is it? all i ask is, how could you do a better job? and doing what ever to make it better dose it affect any other things?
  2. sammykinzz

    Windows 7 vs Windows 8.1

    With out touch screen i would say windows 7, BUT! windows 8 is pretty awesome!
  3. I think Microsoft did a good job with the whole onedrive thing and using a live account. Think it is awesome! :)
  4. sammykinzz

    Which email service do you use?

    I use Gmail as my email host for my domain! Got in when it was free!!! WOOHOO!
  5. sammykinzz

    What's your media server

    I have server 2008 installed but running ps3 media server, works pretty good!!
  6. sammykinzz

    Thunderbird and Email Messages

    I use outlook, But my email is with a Gmail account, and i set it up as IMAP and my mail is backup on my gmail account!
  7. sammykinzz

    Show us your Rig

    There are some really sweet builds here! Next time mine is open i shall get some pics!
  8. sammykinzz

    Generic UPS

    Whats a good brand UPS?
  9. sammykinzz

    Can't PM? Can't get into Trademart? Read Here!

    ohhh now i understand :P
  10. sammykinzz


    APPLE ARRGGG!!! Why dose Ieveryone have something with an I In front of it?
  11. sammykinzz

    Windows 8 Information ?

    I think windows 8 is lots better!! I Love it
  12. sammykinzz

    Atomic Magazine

    Hey all. I am Wondering if anyone can help me out, i have a atomic collection CD that my dad gave me, Its only Volume one. does anyone know where i can get the rest? and also i have almost every Magazine but missing a few anyone want to sell me a copy?