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  1. colonelmustardc

    Show us your Rig

    I was going of this review on [H]ard OCP when i was shopping around. They seemed to love it, and so do I... so far.
  2. colonelmustardc

    Best Full Tower Case

    Were you thinking of putting in water-cooling at any time? I'm not certain on this but with that angled fan at the back, the Fractal Design XL looks like it might struggle to squeeze a radiator in. I've got a HAF-X and can't help but recommend it, room for anything, loads of fans and plenty of drive room.
  3. What case did you get? Coolermaster chucked one in with the HAF X cause its too big for most PSU's. Check through all your accessories and make sure you didnt miss one. Worst case scenario, buy 2 of the 4-pin extensions? Just found this on PCCG: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=17446 45cm is a bit much, NZXT have one on there at 25cm but its double the price? Might be higher quality or something.
  4. colonelmustardc

    Show us your Rig

    My new Sandy build :) Still have my old GTX 275 in it though :( Think ill wait till the next gen to upgrade.
  5. colonelmustardc

    Vcore too high?

    Thanks for the quick replies guys, brought it back down to 4.2Ghz at a nice 1.35V :) Still can't find that goddam beta CPU-Z though, but gigabytes easytune6 seems to be reporting the correct voltage. Thanks again.
  6. colonelmustardc

    Vcore too high?

    :S cant find a beta version, ive got 1.58 installed, is there a newer one? should i be worried about the vcore if the system is stable and cool?
  7. colonelmustardc

    Vcore too high?

    hmmmm, 1.08.... That doesnt sound right?
  8. colonelmustardc

    Vcore too high?

    Hey guys, Just upgraded to a 2500k on a GA-Z68XP-UD5 with a Corsair H-100 strapped to it. Gave overclocking a go today and i managed to hit 5Ghz at a Vcore of 1.52. I understand this is pretty high but Real Temp said my max temps over an hour and a half of prime 95 blend test was 72 degrees. Is high temperature the only implication of a high Vcore or am i reducing the life of (lifing?) the chip in some other way? Thanks :)