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    Anyone happen to also read this on Reddit: Now why is that relevant, well from what I've read it sounds like the Kinect has to be connected for the Xbox One to work. Now also take into consideration if there is a backdoor for the authorities what's to stop black hat hackers from finding those backdoors? Personally I'm not interested in either console, I'm just surprised no one on here is bothered by the fact the Kinect maybe recording what you do and say. Then there is also the claim going around that you can't share games with friends any more as you will be charge the full price to play the game you already own on another persons Xbox One. Which that seems to be bothering people also.
  2. Hi all, As the title states I was wondering if anyone had actually played Diablo 3 since it's release back last year whenever it was? I'm currently checking it out again just for the hell of it, something to do over the weekend and maybe longer if I enjoy myself. Considering I finished Normal mode with a Wizard and then kind of left it at that. Never really had anyone to actually have a game with though anyway so that probably added to my quick loss of interest. And yes to those who remember me although it hasn't been that long really, I kind of disappeared for a while and have only recently started lurking again. So I'm also wondering what other games peeps have been playing and or are looking forward to. I know I'm definitely looking forward to StarDrive and ARMA 3 oh and Starcraft 2 HOTS which I plan on getting soon as my birthday is coming up along with the aforementioned games. Anyway thanks for your time and any replies. Oh and if your up for a bash add me under Powermaniac#6444.
  3. TheSingularity

    Looking for Recommendations on Math Textbooks.

    Okay well you got it right after all. All I'm trying to say is if it was angle ACM is 40 degrees and BCN is 25 degrees then that would make sense basically what you call Ca and Cb but what is taught as angles here. Unless though it is stated angle A or B then that just means to me the angle inside the triangle or shape at the point A. The same goes for B. Thus this ACM and BCN angles to me come from no where but make sense as then the angle of elevation wording makes sense. It just clicked in my mind how you did h and that I could have gotten the same from what I had worked out with a friend but the angle problem I mentioned above would have still thrown me off.
  4. TheSingularity

    Looking for Recommendations on Math Textbooks.

    Okay now that looks really simple, thanks. Although now I look at your working out I'm quite certain they fucked up the wording of it. As angle A is 40 degrees not angle Ca same as B was 25 degrees not angle Cb. Which without knowing they mean Ca and Cb then the angle of elevation makes no sense at all as that would result in another triangle above A and B. Edit: Also seems way over what has been taught so far.
  5. TheSingularity

    Looking for Recommendations on Math Textbooks.

    Tried another way going by Kothos picture and boy that didn't work (not using Kothos working out just tried some obscure way to make a larger triange using the 2km AB and the 25 degrees angle of B). Been thinking about the language used and I've noticed they mention angle of elevation of A and B which doesn't make sense as that would mean there is a triangle above A and B instead of below like they describe...Started to think they wrote the question wrong...Or I'm just really confused and not seeing it at all.
  6. TheSingularity

    Looking for Recommendations on Math Textbooks.

    Just for those that are interested this is the textbook I'm using http://www.pussycat-ox.com/share/yr11_geom_trig_noPW.pdf (don't ask about the url only place I've found it uploaded to the net as the full textbook). Bottom of page 30 contains the problem. And for those that wish to know the answer that I can't seem to solve page 412, Exercise 1E Q18 answer 2.099km. http://i.imgur.com/vCAdvQn.jpg I'm not sure but is this anything like you describe sponger. Or well anyone...I'm thinking not... Edit: Oh and basically where I'm up to in that textbook is everything I know on Right Angled Trigonometry. Kothos were you referring to these books: http://www.fivesenseseducation.com.au/cata...aths-study-aids
  7. Hi all, Kind of gone quiet recently, been filling my time with other things seeing as the forums aren't moving too quickly and there hasn't been a whole lot I've been interested in. Now on to the questions at hand. First off I was wondering if any of the rather intelligent fellows here could recommend math textbooks from basic arithmetic all the way through to the end of high school and then even into university level. As I'm currently looking at buying some and working through them and reading them but finding out what ones are good has been difficult as most don't include basic arithmetic and high school level, all the lists I've read generally skip to university level. Now the other question was regarding Right Angled Trigonometry, basically that is what I'm learning at school, it's basic sure but I need more practice questions then what I've got in the textbook I'm using to make sure I fully understand what I'm doing and so far there hasn't been any luck finding anything. I thought I had something with ck-12.org but it skims over Right Angled Trigonometry like all the other sites do, same as PatrickJMT and Khan Academy. To the last problem at hand which is an actual math problem a Right Angled Trigonometry problem of course. So here is the problem: A balloon travels horizontally at a distance of h kilometres above the ground between two points A and B, which are two kilometres apart. From a point C on the ground, the angle of elevation of the balloon at A is 40 degrees and at B is 25 degrees. Assume that A, B and C are in the same plane and that A and B are on the same side of the observation point. Find the height h of the balloon. See the main problem with the above question is I can't visualise it and even after a friend tried drawing it on a collaborative drawing site I still got the answer wrong, and then I thought I had it again and nope no dice but the answer was much closer which really means nothing though as it still wasn't right. Anyway any help with the above is appreciated. And if anyone wants to know yes I have posted this on Reddit and still no dice. So...
  8. TheSingularity

    Ubuntu mobile

    Finally found where it was mentioned on the Ubuntu site about installing Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 and YouTube not working: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/UsingTheDevice
  9. TheSingularity

    Old games I don't remember the name of

    1. Sounds like KidPix. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kid_Pix amazingly I believe it is still going.
  10. TheSingularity

    Ubuntu mobile

    I almost installed this on my Nexus 7 as Ubuntu supports more 'real' games but I discovered it doesn't support Youtube thus I decided against it. As that was my original intention to watch Youtube videos particularly Khan Academy videos on it so Ubuntu would have defeated the purpose of it. Once they get that sorted out I'd be more then willing to port my Nexus 7 over.
  11. TheSingularity

    Help, please HDD seems to have died

    That's I guess my last option and the plan in a couple days. Once I know exactly what is wanted off it. As I understand this is a last attempt as it fucks the HDD afterwards...
  12. TheSingularity

    An anti-vaxxer by any other name is still a looney.

    I am also someone who would vouch for vaccinations because without it something as simple as Chicken Pox might have resulted in me being in an even worse mess then I was. So I was vaccinated against it at a young age because of the severe discoid eczema I had and the immuno suppressants I was on. Dare I bring up how the world was before vaccinations, say when polio was affecting the world...
  13. TheSingularity

    NASA Johnson style

    Brilliant! Considering I am completely sick of that song...
  14. TheSingularity

    Anonymous declares war on Westboro

    I thought Westboro was referring to a cigarette company at first...Then I thought why the fuck do they have a church...Then I Googled it didn't find any cigarette companies with the name Westboro and was like oh it's just a church...xD I'm not sure what my stance is on Anonymous they seem to do good but in all the wrong ways.