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  1. timf25

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    Hey id appreciate it if you could add me to the list im fairly active in bf3 and will be in bf4 assuming you guys are still around? My origin account is nightkid2
  2. timf25

    Atomic F1 GP1 Season 7

    Cool I haven't been on here for a while and all this awesome new stuff is coming out sweet. I finish my VCE this year so after that i'm interested in joining one of your leagues full time something I've never been able to do.
  3. timf25


    Hey guys I worked it out it was my gskill ram that caused all these problems which is surprising as there only 2 weeks old. Did a memory test and they failed so I chucked in my old Kingston ram and it worked perfectly. What I learnt is I'm buying Kingston from now on.
  4. timf25


    Im quite upset i feel like throwing my pc off a cliff. So far i have changed all my hardware, 2 clean installs, disk checks, updated drivers manually i give up :(
  5. timf25


    Yeh thats what i used im going to delete it based on your recommendations. And im not sure i will have to check my BIOS settings but atm im installing a image of my computer when it seemed to be working ok ill see how that goes first.
  6. timf25


    Yeh im sure i did so what should i do reinstall my operating system i reinstalled my operating system on a new ssd and left my backup hard drive.
  7. timf25


    Yeh im sure i did
  8. timf25


    Hey guys iv been having this extremely annoying issue with BSOD. I upgraded all my hardware and ran my pc in safemode concluding that it has to me software/driver. Thing is that i used slim driver to update all my drivers and installed BlueScreenView to help find my problem. My pc mostly crashes in games but also has in google chrome(uninstalled) Internet explorer etc. BlueScreen View says that its caused by driver Ntfs.sys and Wdf01000.sys Any help would be greatly appreciated thx oh and i also reinstalled my operating system.
  9. timf25

    Check out this black ops 2 gameplay

    I'll send my friend that feedback what do you think he should improve
  10. please support my friend his a beast and will start doing commentaries is people give him feedback etc.
  11. timf25

    What's on your mind?

    If north korea was in place of canada or on top of US. Also had a weird dream i was in the walking dead world weird.
  12. I always wanted to get a green card in the US just for fun and some of the things you cant do in Australia such as shoot variety of guns at a range, drive american muscle cars without paying ridiculous prices and also have relatives there. But police brutality and many other issues make me feel grateful that i am living in Australia. http://www.thiscantbehappening.net/node/1363 Number 3 video in this link shocked me the most, the police officer only got fired he should be jailed for life for such an act but the sad reality is cops in the US can literally get away with murder. In Aus its much better i have never heard of the cops abusing their power perhaps on a more minor level but nothing compared to the US. Your thoughts?
  13. timf25

    EOI - AFL Footytips 2013

    Well Fremantle sucks how to you miss a goal in front???
  14. timf25

    Home Intruders

    New scenario what happens if intruder has a hidden gun and plans to use it than because of the law you have no chance of surviving.