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  1. fliptopia

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Looks similar to another shirt I have, materials wise. That one never needs ironing. I might keep an eye out.
  2. fliptopia

    What's on your mind?

    I spent this morning attaching a pod to roof racks in the rain and then packing said pod with stuff while it continued to rain. I assume my son's outside birthday party is what brought the wet stuff back around here.
  3. fliptopia

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Are they iron free too? I wouldn’t mind a couple more iron free polos at $20.
  4. fliptopia

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    I’m sorry but I don’t want my wife’s cooties on my toaster.
  5. fliptopia

    cold boot issues

    I’ve seen plenty of no boot DVD issues but I’ve never seen one take it to a bios recovery screen. Maybe a battery if the computer is unplugged from power between boots but for some reason I assumed that wasn’t the case here as that is fairly common knowledge, but yeah, I shouldn’t assume such things.
  6. fliptopia

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Wait, which are you saying sucked? I got the 4 slice one and it's a great toaster.
  7. fliptopia

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Probably. But sometimes costs happen regardless. Just ask a pool owner about the cost of their fencing.
  8. fliptopia

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Well could you argue for better partitioning in that respect? I always thought it made more sense when you go to a theatre and women are lining up and the men's bathroom is nearly empty. But I get that not everyone is comfortable with the idea. I'd like to look at what might help making someone comfortable to find a solution that works for the most people rather than just assuming it can't be done.
  9. fliptopia

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    You get the cubicle to yourself. Other than that you share a basin.
  10. fliptopia

    Guys, it's ok. We have a safe space

    Unisex toilets do make sense.
  11. fliptopia

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I've been through 3 or 4 pairs of rivers shoes before I properly realised they were all junk. I'd never touch a pair of shoes from there again. Lousy materials, bad workmanship, inconsistent cuts. Personally for length of wear I find Ecco make great shoes but you really want an outlet store. They look good for years and have good support. Rockport still make good stuff too, mainly their XCS stuff. They are often discounted at shoe warehouse. Other than those 2 brands it's mostly runners for me. Maybe a pair of skechers but I find their soles wear out quickly and their softness allows a bit of wobble.
  12. fliptopia

    Why shouldn't Face Book give you the news ?

    I think shonky stuff not on Facebook gets shared less than shonky stuff on it. Just a gut feeling there, mind you. I'm not going to claim any solid evidence. But that would be one reason to avoid the advertising on social media. I have read that stuff shared is more powerful because you are more likely to implicitly believe what your mate shares because you trust them more than an ad, evening if they are sharing an ad.
  13. fliptopia

    cold boot issues

    If it won't run at stock I'd be inclined to start looking more seriously at your Ryzen build. There's nothing outside the motherboard that's likely to be the cause of the issues with the bios. Otherwise everything is an outside chance if you want to go through the process of elimination.
  14. fliptopia

    cold boot issues

    As far as the networking part of the question goes. No, I've never had a modem be the difference between starting or not. Faulty network cards and internal modems, sure but not like you describe here.