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  1. fliptopia

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Haha. I was wondering what else it could be after your clue How about MJ by CC
  2. fliptopia

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Honestly by Stryper... Ooohhh Howzat by Sherbert
  3. fliptopia


    Maybe you solved everything then. Someone notify the Vatican and let them know.
  4. fliptopia


    That's option a but the number increases to everyone. Of course that's not the christian god.
  5. fliptopia


    Jesus demonstrably does not love me. The biggest issue is that you will either believe the story or not believe the story. Some christians seem to think a genuine search for a god always leads to the right one but this is fairly easy to show as false. Others tell me that faith is a blessing and you just have to be happy you got it. So the first one doesn't make sense as I tried to keep faith and make it all make sense and the second one means he doesn't love me enough to stop me burning in hell for eternity because he took my faith. If there is a christian god out there it/he has to be either a: indifferent to an awfully large number of people b: is beholden to some higher power does not exist or d: is an arsehole None of those really fit with a top dog god who cares for every person individually. The fact that a creator of all life/things in the universe can't have every person getting an equal chance at redemption means he doesn't love everyone equally and maybe some not at all. This is a being that should be able to do what he likes but leaves the whole eternal happiness of your soul on your understanding a faulty book and a bunch of hearsay (if you aren't one of the lucky vision winners). What a guy.
  6. fliptopia

    i see dead people

    Yeah, but you have to wonder how any politician would look in the current political scene with the 24/7 news cycle. Kind of like how people ask how Bradman would go against modern bowlers. We'll never know.
  7. fliptopia

    What's on your mind?

    From Family Matters if that helps I think Urkel is a lot more confident than Dibley. I figured Dibley was just a fun thing to do to the oh so suave cat. Edit: although I just read Urkel guested on Full House and Step by Step
  8. fliptopia

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    So that leaves Halo by Slash
  9. fliptopia

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Sarah Blasko does a good cover
  10. fliptopia

    Sound card died again

    Depends on the buds, but in most cases, yeah.
  11. fliptopia

    What's on your mind?

    I sign into YouTube so everything is ad free as I use Google play music for streaming at it plays well with chromecast audio and has the added bonus of ad free YouTube.
  12. fliptopia

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    World's away in style. Iconic aussie band
  13. fliptopia

    Sound card died again

    Depends on the headphones you’re driving. My on board is ok for most but not for one pair. If it’s just for listening purposes then a nice dac/amp combo is good.