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  1. fliptopia

    Some great reads

    Phones are ok but kindle paperwhite is best light and larger screen plus you can't beat e ink.
  2. fliptopia

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Life for rent - dido
  3. fliptopia


    Yeah, I do wonder how she'll feel about these things in a few years time. I think game of thrones did quite a good portrayal of where the best idealistic intentions find you with Daenerys Targaryen. I think that most governments need to focus less on what the tax rate is and more on how to get companies to pay it. Lower tax rates but with less loopholes would solve a lot of budget/revenue issues. That said there is a lot to like about her ambition and where she wants to take things. Hopefully she'll find her way and shake things up for the better.
  4. fliptopia


    Darrkon? Chancellor?
  5. fliptopia


    Oh I know we have a form of that now but like you say there are problems and most people see that there are but from different perspectives. I'm just saying that in a world where some people want to throw away the other side because they believe that is what is bringing everything down, we need to try and keep what works from both sides and fix what doesn't on both sides. And maybe stop taking sides.... But as I noted in another post. You also need people advocating for crazy ideas and being passionate at both ends because the middle isn't generally passionate enough to try and get change without it going too far one way or the other first.
  6. fliptopia


    Hence why I say you need to be rewarded 1. For making an effort. Those businesses that have made a product people want get to make profits. If you go through medical school to become a doctor you get paid for your effort. The more difficult to implement is part 2. You don't get rewarded for these things if they come at the expense of everyone else. This why it's different from what we have now in straight capitalism. If you make a product that is deliberately addictive, is bad for the environment or breaks down social interactions by either its product or the conditions of workers you have to pay into a social fund (or something similar) for that. Basically make being an arse hole less attractive. I think keeping parts of capitalism is important but not keeping it unchecked. As for keeping society progressing, Leonid, society can in some ways progress under free capitalism but you need protection for those that straight capitalism can ignore. You need to have a system that works, even in a compromised way, for all people. Not just those that fit the popular system. And that isn't suggesting free rides but finding ways to make people useful and preserving their humanity.
  7. fliptopia


    Yeah, I get what you are saying here. I feel, in some ways the same but I lean more left or centre left. You need a system that on one hand gives all the people a "somewhat" equal opportunity to succeed at the start though. That has to be balanced by there being rewards for doing well. The capitalism model gives rewards for doing well at the expense or otherwise of others. Maybe we need to look for or design a model that rewards those that do things that help society in general. So you make a company that is successful financially but can't do well unless they (and these are just examples off the top of my head late at night) are environmentally sound, make products that don't exploit things like addiction and can be further rewarded for things that actively help their local or national communities depending on their size and scope. Like I hinted at before, this either or approach where ideas are limited to the progressive or conservative, capitalist or socialist is what I think is bringing us down. Until someone in politics is willing to stop point scoring and admitting there is some credibility in some ideas from the other camp we'll stay in the stagnant swamp in which we stand or swap it for a new one.
  8. fliptopia


    But when you think about the things they can and do test for and subsidise these days, it's no wonder there's a lack of funding. We want all these tests to still be government funded but it doesn't keep up with what we know about diseases and conditions now.
  9. fliptopia

    The most special people

    My local council had workers fixing a water main here. You couldnt get much info by calling them but their Facebook people seemed to have the answers. Some things are just harder without Facebook these days. Some places just don't cater to you not being on it like it's the new telephone.
  10. fliptopia

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    All my brain will think is Intellectual Property by Science Fiction
  11. fliptopia

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I'm not saying it's not different. Just that it's not the opposite of what you would normally do. It's the same with an extra step.
  12. fliptopia

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    The cramp video is interesting. I wouldn't say it's the opposite of what you typically do in bed though apart from the resistance from the other foot.
  13. fliptopia

    how crap is this government ?

    I'm gobsmacked that Clive palmer's game isn't a work of genius.
  14. fliptopia

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Yup! I loved that song when it came out.
  15. fliptopia

    Roll Call!

    Have you ever considered a job with an English tabloid?