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  1. fliptopia

    What are you playing at the moment?

    I finally got around to finishing Bioshock 2 last night. I'm feeling so modern right now.
  2. fliptopia

    Are you a compulsive upgrader?

    Not compulsively but sometimes I find that one thing dying in the pc leads to me upgrading the nearly everything.
  3. fliptopia

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Betrayal at House on the Hill and 7 wonders Duel
  4. fliptopia

    Apco ?

    I've heard charities talk about this sort of thing before. Saying that, although they know these companies are taking a substantial portion of of the money (and it can be 100% for the first year if it's an ongoing donation), they still end up getting more in the long run than if it was just left up to volunteers to get donations. There are only so many people who will/can volunteer, and then they aren't necessarily people with the skills one needs to get donations on a reasonable scale.
  5. fliptopia

    Should I get one?

    Yeah, but doesn't look to be NBN compatible. Otherwise I'd say yes.
  6. fliptopia

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I watched an old one last night titled " Genius" ... it was a hoot David Mitchell and Graemme Norton ran away with the show a few times :P David Mitchell, in particular, is always good value.
  7. fliptopia

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    This one is mainly for my wife though.
  8. fliptopia

    Roll Call!

    Never mind, I found the old one.......
  9. fliptopia

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Temple run 2. D9nt look at me, I'm hideous!
  10. fliptopia

    Records vs CDs

    The playing of vinyl is more of a ceremony and I think that adds a lot of pleasure. You don't generally go to the trouble of putting on a record to listen to it in the background these days.
  11. fliptopia

    Sub-1k gaming system?

    This is exactly what I see with all of my clients. It is also the reason why I will always set up windows for them and redirect all the usual folders (Documents, Pictures, Music, Desktop, Downloads, Videos) to go to the extra storage drive for them. I tell them as long as they don't go out of their way to save files in random places, it's all sorted. Which works until they create a new user for the kids or some such thing. I honestly don't know why, in this day and age, windows doesn't ask you where you want to store the user data when you create an account, choosing the largest disk with the most free space as the default option.
  12. fliptopia

    umm. so what exactly happened here?

    We were closed on the day you checked in to clean and stuff.Back to normal now. Well done!I now fit into fuck all :( Thanks hulks. I'm now minus 70kgs and counting. Almost half my body weight gone. Doing MMA when I can to continue the fitness in the right direction. Wow, I wouldn't have guessed you had a spare 70 to lose when I last saw you... Beeennn sssoooo long Atomic grew out of the beige box age. It was sought after by a group that believed that computers didn't have to look like crap and could look as cool on the outside as what you could do with them on the inside. These days you can just buy all the parts off the shelf instead of having to modify things to meet your needs. I think things really started to go downhill with the magazine going and the subsequent PC@ website hosting the main page. The whole thing really lost it's identity apart from the forums. I still check it out from time to time but not that much anymore. It always makes me happy to see it up and running :) So much of my life history is attached to this place.
  13. fliptopia

    New version of Cryptolocker Malware is here :(

    Nice necromancy there, happyy. ;) But welcome aboard, anyway! As to ^that: Ransomware is having its 15 minutes of fame, atm, with appearances in popular tv shows and as the central theme of Neal Stephenson's recent book REAMDE (yes, the title is misspelled). It's a damn stupid idea, like all ransoms - the crim has to lead you right to his door in order to take the money. They are using anonymous payment systems and forcing people to use a tor browser to keep the location of everything a secret. It seems fairly well setup... right up to the point where noone seems to get their files anymore so we just tell people they have lost them and not to pay the bastards and hope they have up to date back ups. If you don't have up to date backups then you'd be no better off if this was a hdd that crashed.
  14. fliptopia

    Windows 10

    yer, a couple of dealbreakers in that list for sure: http://www.windowscentral.com/windows-10-will-remove-some-features-and-apps-upgrading-windows-7-and-windows-81 I love my gadgets for one thing. And I know quite a few oldies who love their solitaire and do not want the hassle of having to set up an MS account just to be able to get the 'apps'. Looks like I'm staying with W7 for a while longer. I keep a copy of the windows xp games on a flash drive. Just need the exe files and cards.dll and put it in their program files (x86 folder). Shortcuts on desktop and games are sorted.
  15. fliptopia

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Assassins Creed Revelations. I have a lot of game catalogue to get through now that I get the odd chance.