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  1. Why is it my business?? I am the club president.. Newly appointed (3months ago), this is my 1st big drama and I want to do it right. Also isn't a club member, adult supporter, parent allowed to be concerned? So, just to be sure I've got this straight ... As the new Pres. You're doing your utmost to make sure that the club has no legal responsibilities should your young members be involved in an accident in this dudes car ...the dude, you as reigning Pres. , happen to know is driving around with your young club members now. The dude who you think does not have a valid licence... That's the case yeah ? Sounds like you're more worried about your popularity as a new Pres. not the safety of your young members. not by along shot, I really dont care about my popularity as pres, really dont give ashite, also find your comment alittle bit offensive. Didn't need to get mentioned this before but when I started with the club I've been battling for it, fighting for funds, fighting to get sponsors, my mobile is full of state/city councillors numbers,my personal email is full of council mail, the difference now is I have a title, nothings changed. we fought tooth and nail to get an insurance policy that covers the members at the club and outside of it. I dont want to give the insurance company any excuse to change their mind. Our ward councilor wont have anything to do with us...sadly we are not to his preference -a footy or netball club. I dont want to give him an excuse to terminate our lease early or not resign us on. We know already that he has put in a proposal for a footy ground, that got knocked back but if anything should happen?????? who knows....
  2. Why is it my business?? I am the club president.. Newly appointed (3months ago), this is my 1st big drama and I want to do it right. Also isn't a club member, adult supporter, parent allowed to be concerned? You did not make it clear you are in that position, in fact you stated that they have reported to some other superior.. I'm sorry about that Betzie. At the time I didn't think it was relevant to the question. I was actually thinking about pulling the records however this person was in a position that had access to members records. Guess who's record is missing??? Although not a member anymore, this person is now acting as a legal guardian. The records has this person marked as an alternate guardian by the parent. It only requires a name, date of birth and contact details , sadly no drivers licence. Feel the same as you, own time I dont care, club time I don't wanna see this person driving in. I'm going to get this decleration finished and going to all the members homes, knock on the door and get them signed. I dont want any club member or the club held liable for a stupid person mistake.
  3. Thx for that. I have spoken to lawyers and a barrister regarding this matter. I'm in the process now of typing a declaration that the parents need to sign. If they are going to continually allow their child/children to be transported by this person they need to aknowledge that in the event of an accident the club, it's members and it's insurance are not liable etc etc. I'm going to get one of my clients (lawyer) to look it over and make ammendments before it goes to final print. Why I ask is I need to tread carefully as this person has become really close to afew of the younger members and their parents. I don't want to lose these members, they are good kids. Why is it my business?? I am the club president.. Newly appointed (3months ago), this is my 1st big drama and I want to do it right. Also isn't a club member, adult supporter, parent allowed to be concerned?
  4. As the title states I need some legal advice or atleast someone with knowledge on the subject so I can confront this individual with some ammo. Here's the story as breif as I can put it This person does not hold a licence due to speeding/demerit points.. This person has been driving, towing and carting kids around whilst unlicenced/disqualified This person got caught a couple of times and has served a suspended sentence (they kept driving) which ended late Nov This person also has told the state and zone presidents that they had been given their licence back The question is--- Would they have their licence back even though they didn't hold one prior to the suspended sentence?? I have been reading that a 12month loss of licence was mandatory for an offence like this. I also have read that they had to apply again, L's then to P's then fully licenced. Should this person have their licence back? and what would you do in my situation?......mind you this person is real nasty when confronted. Especially when they know they are or have done something wrong. P.S I have thought of the crimestoppers thing but I couldn't go through with it
  5. mallrat

    The big day

    Yay!!! Now I'm not all alone! Sorry Mr Rat, but I get lonely... :P We need to have our own little section..........castaways
  6. mallrat

    The big day

    aarrrggghhhh my main still cant log in !!!!! Wont even do that password reset email thingy!!!!!
  7. mallrat

    The big day

    I cant gain access to the green room, nor can my main actually log in...
  8. mallrat

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    10" netbook/tab bag
  9. mallrat

    Android or iOS?

    not just iphone, android has a free app that can sync your itunes library.
  10. mallrat

    D&D 3.5 writeup. Session 3.

    loaded fine for me...got no idea what all the numbers mean though. Is it toooo late for an old man to learn to play????
  11. mallrat

    Android or iOS?

    Stay the hell away from Telstra-branded phones, save yourself the trouble of flashing it and just buy one from overseas. My father just bought a Telstra branded Wildfire S. Apart from the Telstra boot screen the only other thing Telstra was the TelstraOne app. I might add that on my vanilla SII, I installed that very same app. Asfar as which is better???????? After using iPhones for 3+yrs, I prefer Android.
  12. have you tried double twist player...It's free, can have it on your PC or Mac and it also can play your Itunes library. Havent tried it myself but it's claimed it does divx, flv and xvid. http://www.appbrain.com/app/doubletwist-pl...t.androidPlayer
  13. mallrat

    Mortgage Advice

    I'd personally fix it for 2 years and see how the market goes.
  14. there's not much you can do really. Take a broom stick with you and have that dragging on the ground infront of you. If you do come across a snake atleast there will be some distance between you and it.
  15. mallrat

    Cubeecraft = Awesome

    same, have to wait till i get some thicker paper, might give photo paper a go.