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  1. edgeofsanity

    Bulding a new PC

    What are you planning to do on this system? For gaming I would have a build like this: i5 2500k ASUS P8Z68-V Gen3 AMD Radeon 7970 Corsair AX850 Corsair Vengance 12GB DDR3 1600MHz Coolermaster, Antec or Corsair case - cases are a sort of personal choice but make sure you buy one from a good company. OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS SSD WD 1TB Black HDD Antec Kuhler 920 or Corsair h100/h80 You can get all of this PC Case Gear for around $2250 Sorry if I missed anything.
  2. edgeofsanity

    Show us your Rig

    Sora3 is that a Bitfenix Shinobi case? I use to have my main build in that case. I found a few things that really helped me with the cable management is if you put all your HDD in the top 3.25" bays. This allows you to run your SATA cables through the side/bottom cable hole around the back of the motherboard tray and then back through the top hole into the drives. Also there is a top hole right by were your CPU power connector is so if you run the 8pin cable all the way up the back of the motherboard and through that whole it looks a lot more neat. The Shinobi is a very good case for its price. You made a good choice! This is my old build my new one is in a Corsair 600T white. I think I have one the title of worst quality picture ever to be taken. I used a iPad to take the picture which has the a horrible camera.
  3. edgeofsanity

    Issue 133 Feedback

    The Skyrim tweak guide was really good. I applied some of the tweaks from the guide and it has made a very nice graphical improvement to my Skryim! No more stupid blocky shadows, woot! The porn article was also very interesting to read. Overall I'd give this issue a 10/10.
  4. edgeofsanity

    New build, so excited!

    Like nesquick said the Antec Kuhler 620 is a very good cooler for the price. What coolermaster fans are you using?
  5. Thanks for sharing this I was looking for this video. I don't think Gigabyte boards are that bad. But I hate the touch BIOS
  6. edgeofsanity

    AMD FX6100 for Gaming

    Nesquick Windows can't assign tasks to each module properly so doesn't this means that Windows does not know how to use the CPU correctly yet.
  7. edgeofsanity

    AMD FX6100 for Gaming

    The problem with the FX8150 is that Windows doesn't full know how to use the CPU properly. There has been no proper patch released yet but apparently Windows 8 will fix this.
  8. edgeofsanity

    Show us your Rig

    SoaS that is a very nice setup and clean build! I have the same mouse, Keyboard and mouse pad as you also, they're a great combo and work perfectly together. :) And fenix14 is that the Silverstone Raven case? Would you recommend it?
  9. edgeofsanity

    AMD FX6100 for Gaming

    I use Mushkin RAM and have problems. I was going to use Corsair but they were sold out so I just used the Muskin and it was fine.
  10. edgeofsanity

    AMD FX6100 for Gaming

    The old gigabyte board used Realtek ALC888 and the new ASUS board uses Realtek ALC892. I didn't think there would be a difference but there way a suprisingly good improvement. I use a cheap Plantronics Audio 355 headset which I was only going to use for a short while but they turned out to be great so I kept them for longer.
  11. edgeofsanity

    AMD FX6100 for Gaming

    Hi, I bought the Intel i5 2500k, ASUS P8Z68-V and Mushkin RAM combo at computer lounge and its been the best upgrade I've done. I had the same mothrboard and CPU (I had 630 not 640) and I saw a massive FPS improvement in BF3 when I changed. Generally the game played a lot smoother and the load times dropped a huge amount. The motherboard has better audio so sound was great. I also use a GTX 560 non Ti and I get on high settings (HBAO with no MSAA) 50+ FPS constantly. Just bite the bullet and spend an extra $100 or so. You woun't regret it!
  12. edgeofsanity

    Expensive 6950 or Cheap 6970

    I'm not building it. He is a pretty messy guy so the cable management may not be all that great! But I'll ask him for some pictures and upload them.
  13. edgeofsanity

    Expensive 6950 or Cheap 6970

    Alright I had a look at the website we'll have to remove a hdd cage and I changed the drive to a seagate barracuda which is 7200RPM
  14. edgeofsanity

    Expensive 6950 or Cheap 6970

    Whats wrong with green drives? And you pay $400 for the build quality also one more question: will the fractal design arc mid hold the 6970 alright?
  15. edgeofsanity

    Expensive 6950 or Cheap 6970

    Ok so here is the deal. I downgraded a couple parts to put together this build: Intel i5 2500k ASUS P8Z68-V Gen3 ASUS Radeon HD6970 2GB dual fan cooler Noctua NH-U12P SE2 Corsair Vengance Low Profile 8GB DDR3 1600MHz (had to use Low Profile RAM so that it will fit underneath the heatsink) Fractal Design Arc Mid Tower FSP Aurum 650W GOLD Modular PSU Western Digital Green 1TB HDD LG SATA Optical Drive What do you guys reckon? I think the 6970 will be fine and be able to play upcoming games at high settings for the next two years or so.