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  1. Bring it in the shop to check it with the technician so that you will know what is really the problem with your PC.
  2. jenfrag

    Guild Wars 2

    I love joining on guild wars because it was a lot fun and exciting also.
  3. jenfrag

    Thermaltake Element Q VL 5000 Series

    It really helps to understand very well the help of thermaltake to manage your wiring.
  4. jenfrag

    Power Supply Usage

    Saving energy is very important because it can help to the environment to decrease usage and to have more power to supply in the future.
  5. jenfrag

    Enquiry into IT price gouging

    Well, the cost of most things, when you benchmark overseas, tends to be a bit high here in Australia like horize, and there are reasons for that.. plurals of these..
  6. jenfrag

    Cloud Backup Options

    I am using Zmanda Cloud Backup and I can say that this is really good. It is a radically simple-to-use and cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solution.
  7. jenfrag

    PC Freezing

    Reformatting your computer was the right thing you did.
  8. jenfrag

    Transferring Win7 to new SSD

    Installing really works for me also. You just did the right thing.
  9. jenfrag

    Cloud Backup Options

    I am planning to use Cloud Backup System. Just looking for the reliable one.
  10. jenfrag

    Hard drive prices sky rocketing

    Try reading this one here.
  11. jenfrag


    new drool :D - All, i've got is an old rackety table that's barely got room for my elbows let alone 3 monitors :( I've about as much room in the house as well... :( Time to put the 10k I wanted for the chair to a house deposit i think, where, I can expand :D Nice one Shopi. Gotta have do the DIY on that also.
  12. jenfrag

    Corsair 8gb Dimms

    Would like to play games with this one.
  13. Wow!! This mouse is very awesome. I could imagine myself using this thing.
  14. jenfrag

    OMG, it's finally happened...

    You're right phatbeat. Been experiencing that also.
  15. Hmmm..I got the same problem also and still searching for the right things to do. I think what I have read here are helping me.