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    Random stuff

    Some great photos up ahead, nice work whoever took them, I didn´t quite catch the users name who posted them! Off topic question - but when do we think Apple will bring out a camera to completely trump the market? :D
  2. theflamer

    Cheap Mac for App development

    Hey guys, interesting chat here. One quick query though - what on earth is a mini mac and how much do they cost? I have an iPhone and an iPad, but I want a macbookPro, however I dont want to fork out $1500 Thanks in advance!!....
  3. theflamer


    I have two choices - one that I love/hate and another that I just think is pure class - a) (Love/hate) The Sims, heavily addictive but ends up with you not sleeping for two weeks and b) Mass Effect 2 - don´t even need to describe how good it is!!!
  4. theflamer

    Help a dude purchase his new phone.

    Ok cool, not a bad phone really is it?! Do you want to go for the flip-design shape again or are you willing to change to a different design?
  5. theflamer

    Help a dude purchase his new phone.

    He isn't a heavy user, so there's absolutely no point entering a contract. My advice is to spend a little extra for a Nexus S + TPG PAYG plan. You rarely score a bargain on eBay when it comes to popular devices like phones. Perhaps he isn´t a heavy user because he hasn´t used an iphone/smartphone for a sustained period of time? I wasn´t a heavy user until I realised that my phone could do so much, maybe he is an ipod guy, great it has that, as well as loads of other things. I couldn´t go back now...no way! With the other phones mentioned, my brother picked up a blackberry for $60 on eBay! Not the newest of models but it did pretty much all the same stuff!! What are you using?
  6. theflamer

    Help a dude purchase his new phone.

    To be honest I am an apple guy - I would say go apple, take your $200 bucks and start some sort of contract with a good deal at any phone company!! That is my advice! But, if you are set on your decision, just grab some HTC or Blackberry off ebay and just use that - you can find some pretty sweet stuff on ebay if you go about it the right way!! Plus those phones second hand are pretty damn cheap! Good luck!
  7. theflamer

    Xbox game recommendations?

    Oh yeah, you know of any good places to download it from? Thanks man..
  8. theflamer

    Ultra thin laptops, are they worth it?

    Why don´t you get the new iPad and then get either the bluetooth keyboard (which are awesome by the way), or better yet get one of the virtual keyboards which shines out onto a flat surface to a full sized keyboard and it works off of a laser! I am not sure how reliable or accurate these are yet - but they look pretty awesome!!
  9. theflamer

    Xbox game recommendations?

    As myself and a large group of my friends all know each other through basketball (growing up playing together etc) and we all follow NBA, we are very serious about our NBA 2K12 :P Make sure you ignore EA's offerings, 2K is where it's at. However, NHL, you can pick up pretty much anything in that series, turn off fouls etc and just go for gold body/stick checking each other. Great fun! I agree about that mate! I think out of the two I actually prefer the NHL games, but that is because I am more of a hockey fan than a B´Ball guy!
  10. theflamer

    Are you good at games?

    In fact to elaborate on my earlier point, the secret to getting good at games is possible in just three easy steps: 1) Practice - a lot! 2) Get all the cheat manoeuvres and 3) PUT THE GAME ON THE EASIEST SETTING!!!
  11. theflamer

    Xbox game recommendations?

    I know given most of the games being listed above it may well be off topic - but I have never had more fun than playing on any NHL or NBA game - they´re incredibly addictive! It´s worth a try at least!!!
  12. theflamer

    Xbox game recommendations?

    Being a firm believer in the classics never going out of fashion I would recommend looking for Mass Effect 2 - why you ask? Because it has some of the most engaging characters, and the most intense plot and soundtrack ever conceived in a video game!! Go get it - there may even be a newer version! I´ve lost touch through work with the gaming world :(
  13. theflamer

    Are you good at games?

    I´m also pretty rubbish at most games. However, sports games like NHL and FIFA I am pretty good, and I´m not bad at War games, but they are pretty easy...don´t you think?
  14. theflamer

    iTunes Account

    I would be very careful when ´fiddling´around with this kind of thing - it´s not the simplist of systems to figure. So before you do anything, try to have the best (clearest) idea as possible! Good luck and let us know how it goes :)
  15. theflamer

    iTunes Match

    Sounds awesome, think I am going to have get myself involved in this :) thanks for all your help!! It doesn't delete any music if that is what you mean. It just takes the name, artist and album. If it doesn't match to the music store, it uploads it to still allow you to download it from other PCs. At no stage will it delete your music.