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    Into gaming afl cricket and hunting/shooting and comics,movies
  1. bastion308

    What are you playing at the moment?

    im looking forward to the dayz standalone. been watching a few vids on youtube and im pretty keen for it, how are you liking it so far? do you think its far off open beta? To be honest I've gone back to Dayz Epoch the stand alone is pretty much TDM and is probably a year away from beta.
  2. bastion308

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Bf4 Arma 3 Dayz Epoch Dayz standalone Starbound really liking this one
  3. I ve been looking at getting an nvidia card soley for dedicated physx with my amd card as the main was thinking of one of these gt 610 silent so my questions are is anyone running this sort of setup? and would it be worth while? ps my main card is an Asus ares 2
  4. bastion308

    Atomic 3DMark & Game Benchmark Rankings

    http://www.3dmark.com/fs/107244 Asus ares2 best run I did
  5. bastion308

    Books, and the keeping thereof.

    I approve of the above image. It rivals my own TPB/GN collection (I swore off floppies a few years back as it was getting to be way too expensive) I've been without power all day, so I'll try to find time for some better pics this evening, but that is my GN/TPB collection as of about a month ago. It's been rejigged since then, but it's a decent enough approximation for the time being. very nice im the same now hardly ever buy single issues. how do you find the large hardcover editions to read ? I think they look great but are to awkward.
  6. bastion308

    Real life aimbot

  7. bastion308

    Books, and the keeping thereof.

    main book shelf comics and others god I love ebay got my warhammer fix
  8. bastion308

    what will be the best movie of 2013

    Dredd was the big surprise for me loved it had zero expectation after the awfull stallone version total recall,avengers was ok same with dark night rises nothing much else was really memorable for me last year
  9. bastion308

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I don't think theres much point in buying your entire collection again on bluray, most players will upscale the dvds to look pretty decent anyway. So far I've been sticking to action flicks on bluray. I did think the same but now when watching my dvds vs bluray it often looks washed out colours not right and the detail brought this last week indana jones saw things in raiders that id never seen finding it the same in most blurays ive brought.
  10. bastion308

    World War 3 Thread

    Found it interesting to see just how little they appear to aim seeing the lmg jam and how long it took to clear
  11. bastion308

    Books, and the keeping thereof.

    I tend to keep most books I often reread series when new parts come out books are pretty much the only thing I hang on to brings out the hoarder in me unless its crap donate I what I dont want to the library
  12. bastion308

    Recent hardlocks...

    Have you checked youre HDD my computer was doing exactly the same thing and was driving me crazy totaly random hard locks it was an old storage drive failing.
  13. bastion308

    Farcry 3?

    Had a go at co-op with corkdawg last night was kinda fun apart from the random crashes shit hit rego and massive lagging
  14. bastion308

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    too much metro :P No mate not enough METRO