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  1. unco_tomato

    TPG or Dodo?

    The only copper in the ground is owned by Telstra or Optus (vast majority is Tesltra), and most exchanges and DSLAMS are also Telstra owned and wholesaled out to re-sellers like TPG. What makes TPG shit? Is it just the fluctuating speeds? If so, get your copper wiring checked, it can have a lot to do with inconsistent speeds. No matter who you go with, you'll likely be stuck using the same copper as you're on now, and likely using the same DSL Exchange; so it's pretty pointless to change providers in the hope of a speed increase. I'd stay with TPG, and try to figure out what you can do to improve speeds. Insist on a line test; after all it's what you're paying line rental for. Just like home rental, it's on the owner of the copper line (Tesltra / Optus / iinet) to provide maintenance.
  2. unco_tomato

    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    I thought you were a smoke and peat man, Rob? They're all fairly tame in that department, aren't they? Those Glenkinchie and Auchtentoshans are on my to do list as well. That's not a bad severance package at all! Did you pay full price for it back in 2009? On Master of Malt, Sap and I did an order with Whisky Exchange a little while ago, who have the same kind of business model but generally come out slightly cheaper. They have more specials on, at least. I got it Duty Free on the way back from a USA business trip. Think it was around $290. I just use Master of Malt as they have 30ml samples, and also stock Brew Dog beer, so i can bundle in some beers :) I'll give Whiskey Exchange a look in next year though, the next two months I'll likely be watching my money a little closer :P
  3. unco_tomato

    What whisk(e)y are you drinking?

    I drank half a bottle of this on Thursday night after I was made redundant at Atomic towers. Though I picked it up back in 2009 (after it won a bunch of awards), so it's at least 27 years old now. EDIT: Finished off the night with one of these Whiskey Barrel Aged Stouts I've been keeping in my cellar (linen closet). Double EDIT: For people who like to shop for the finer things in life, like good beer and whiskey, this website is my favorite. http://www.masterofmalt.com/
  4. unco_tomato

    Bennett sucks at CounterStrike!

    He's terrabad at BF3 too. I can't seem to find his stat page anymore, looks like his account is gone. From memory he had about 0.4 W/L ratio, and 0.3 K/D
  5. unco_tomato

    What of Atomic?

    It's been fun guys. Writing for Atomic was a dream of mine since I was a young chap, and I'm happy to say I enjoyed every minute of working with the entire Haymarket team. I'll still be hanging around the forums, and who knows, PC&TA may need some enthusiast writers in the future for OC events or exciting hardware. If not, I'll still be hanging around the forums, and may upload personal reviews for any new hardware I adopt :) Best of luck to John and David with the merger of the two magazines, you're both great blokes to work with. I hope our paths cross again in the future.
  6. unco_tomato


    You making Creaming Soda? I spend way too much money on that too...
  7. unco_tomato


    Well, what about cheese making then? I know one guy in my home brew club who makes his own cheese at home, it's delicious! If you've got space to age, you can make blocks of cheese that would normally cost hundreds of dollars or more, for a $20. I was going to start making my own cheese, but I don't have any extra room in my unit to store and age cheese on top of any beer I've got aging/fermenting.
  8. unco_tomato


    @Chrisg, Should take up brewing while you're at it. Spent barley makes excellent mulch / top cover for your garden bed, just ask my neighbours. I throw a couple of kilos over their fence every weekend.
  9. unco_tomato


    That sounds like fun, but it's a pretty difficult hobby to get into (in terms of regulation), so you need to be keen to be bothered. Out of interest Corky, can you hunt with a bow on the same licence? Or is that completely separate to firearms?
  10. unco_tomato

    US election

    I'd be surprised is B. Obama doesn't win the polls on our forums, but in the USA, it's a different matter entirely. M. Romney is a more... "devout" Christian, and some people will vote for that over good policy, or even a consistent one.
  11. unco_tomato


    This a thousand times. But if you take it to the next level (buy kegs and go all grain), it can also get expensive, so keep it simple with a single fermenter and bottles at first :) I'd also say cooking is a fantastic and rewarding way to spend your time, just like brewing or wine making. I personally like to create things in which I can share with friends and family. Each Sunday I'm either brewing a new beer, transferring and bottling / kegging ready beers or cooking an awesome meal for a Sunday night feast with my mates (accompanied by home brewed beer). Sunday is my favourite day of the week because of this.
  12. unco_tomato

    Battlefield 1942 now free

    I'm in two minds. 1942 was a game I reminisce about as being one of the greatest games I've played, if I go back, it may spoil it for me :( I wonder if Desert Combat mod is playing better than BF3 at the moment?
  13. unco_tomato

    Asteroid mining about to become reality?

    But they don't need to do that, as in space the object can travel indefinitely in the pushed direction (assuming it doesn't collide with another object or enter a gravitational field). There are far cheaper ways to move things around space than by building a space ship around the asteroid.
  14. unco_tomato

    Be a Manlier Man.

    I look about 17 whenever I try to grow a beard, as all I end up with is a neckbeard; and a shitty one at that.
  15. unco_tomato

    Oz lotto

    I think the odds of placing a horse are slightly better than winning the lotto :P Hence the smaller return. Well done though!