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    Name my BF3 soldier

    Pffft, he's bad. http://bf3stats.com/stats_pc/unco_tomato That guy rocks.
  2. unco_tomato

    Herman Miller Aeron Chair

    A few of us use these in the office. Not bad for the price
  3. unco_tomato

    Do you love your job?

    Sounds like you work for Next Media Brock. Is your name by chance Jono?
  4. unco_tomato

    3d monitors

    I wouldn't bother with it personally unless you just want 120Hz as Opy suggests. I'd take a U2711 over a 3D Monitor any day. Super HD screens actually have a noticeable benefit. If you do go 3D, remember to take into account it will roughly halve your frame-rate in the average game when enabled.
  5. unco_tomato

    Name my BF3 soldier

    I'm a fan of Unco Tomato, but I think that's taken. Giving human traits, emotions or actions to inanimate objects is the way to get thinks done when coming up with a name. Sushi Climber is gold, love it. I think being in "the top 10 most of the time" earns the title, Mediocre Melon.
  6. unco_tomato

    Valentine's Day

    A strip show never hurt anyone.
  7. unco_tomato

    the steady advance of technology.

    I love all of the comments from people saying that this will "kill the footy industry". Give me a break, they throw money around more than anyone. It would break my heart if a player had to set foot onto the pitch for less than $20k a game, honestly it would. Meanwhile other Australian sports heroes and Olympians have full time jobs to pay the bills (as well as full-time training) in order to compete and represent their town, state or country. And as Director pointed out, as if Telstra actually paid $159Million. Maybe Yen, but not AUD. It's hardly likely the NRL/NFL is going to fall over from ~$80 Million is lost revenue across each of them. How did they survive before the days of mobile phone streaming? Maybe they just paid the executives under $5 Million each to save some of that tight cashflow their industry suffers from.
  8. unco_tomato

    PC Case Gear are a joke.

    Want me to post pictures of the 4 cards I have? The difference is you own yours, while I can merely "borrow" the ones from work.
  9. unco_tomato

    1090T, is it worth upgrading?

    Well considering you can only move on to FX series, no, not worth upgrading.
  10. unco_tomato


    I usually buy based on PPD, but I will make an exception if something recent has made me shitty with a company. The subject Hitman reminded me of (Nvidia PhysX lockout) was the reason I purchased my second 5870 back in the day instead of saving up for the next generation. I was well and truly pissed for a while as I originally had a 9800GT paired up with my first 5870 for PhysX. I cracked it in the end to get it working once more after they locked it, but in the end I realised PhysX was shit for anything other than inflating 3DMark Vantage scores and removed the card. I'm over it now and will likely toss up between a GTX 780 and 7970 when the time comes to replace my 6970 CF setup. Chances are AMD will offer a better price though, given the huge time difference between the launches and the no doubt stupidly inflated prices that the GTX 780 will have on launch here.
  11. unco_tomato

    PC Case Gear are a joke.

    Iv'e got two of them dangling off the motherboard in my case, but thankfully the TJ11 is 90 degree flipped, so they are easier to get in and out without putting pressure on the PCI bracket when you take the face-plate screws out.
  12. unco_tomato

    PC Case Gear are a joke.

    It should be the same length and weight as the 6970 without the cooler on it, but yes, the stock cooler takes the weight up to 1087g, while the 6970 weights 1036g. (just weighed them both).
  13. unco_tomato

    Ban Wire Barriers

    Except the spacing on the barriers is about 1.5-2 meters. Far too short to slide under without being collected by it when traveling at anything over 40KM/H. I'm of the opinion that hitting anything at >60KM/H directly as a biker = near certain death. The only argument for wire vs wall is what happens to riders at speed <60KM/H Anyway, this picture isn't a great example. Without the barrier you head into oncoming traffic - far worse. With a concrete wall you shoot rubble into the oncoming traffic if a car or van hit is - far worse. I don't think there a simple answer, or a clear "superior solution" to each stretch of road, which is why most states have started using the wire due to similar stopping effect on cars (~90% of motorists), and reduced setup costs.
  14. unco_tomato

    PC Case Gear are a joke.

    If you're quick, all 7970's are reference boards at the moment from XFX and HIS. Gigabyte, ASUS, Sapphire and a couple of others are in the middle of changing it over, but if they have the full-shroud "stock" cooler on them they too are reference boards. Worst case is they don't fit together (they will) and you have to sell the card on Ebay for a small loss. Otherwise you piss and moan to them, threaten them with ACCC disputes and try get what you want. Personally I would just take the Ebay road if it didn't fit. Regardless, buy a full-shroud reference card like the one below and you're peaches. The only difference between them all is the sticker on the cooler.
  15. unco_tomato

    Valentine's Day

    Your life sounds much better than mine. I'm going to be away from my girlfriend on valentines this year, so I'll likely hang out with any single mates and drink home brew on my balcony. Who knows, a couple of my mates may want to invite some strippers around, they seem to enjoy that sort of thing... Are strippers expensive on Valentines Day?
  16. unco_tomato

    Dick Smith Stores shutting down

    You know too much about Tech for them to hire you. You wouldn't recommend any PC's in the store to anyone as they are all overpriced junk :P
  17. unco_tomato

    Do you love your job?

    Going to resurrect this thread, sorry to anyone that is easily annoyed by that. Love my job, have done for the past 2 years in the Tech-Journo industry. Has not been one morning where I've rolled out of bed and said to myself "Oh God, I really CBF to go to work today", and that can only be a good thing. In fact it's usually the opposite, I usually look forward to the tech waiting for me on my desk. The only part I don't usually like is as Justin said, talking to vendors about their sub-par products and explaining why they scored poorly. That being said, I've had plenty of jobs that I hated in the past. In Highschool I worked at Woolworths as a shelf packer on night fill, hated it. At 18 and just out of school I worked at an EFTPOS company soldering and repairing EFTPOS terminals from 8-5 Mon-Fri, and at a petrol station on Sundays from 6am-4pm. Hated both of those and did that for roughly a year before suicide was looking like a better option than carrying on there. Couple of odds, ends and uni for the next 4 years after that, but I'm happy where I am at the young age of 24. I do love brewing though, and that is going to be my next career jump for sure. I've already started writing out a business plan, thinking of ways to secure outside investors and possibly go into business with a partner. Still a lot of planning to do thoguh, I can't see myself having a solid business plan, or the balls to jump head first into ~$1Million debt just yet. Give me 'till 2014.
  18. unco_tomato

    HD7000 rumors

    Ours is up online on the front page too :) We need to work on our graphs ^_^
  19. unco_tomato

    HD7000 rumors

    Give it a few months. If / when prices normalise the 7950 will be the best value card on the market for the enthusiast gamer. It will be like the HD 5850 all over again, what a ripper of a purchase that was on launch.
  20. unco_tomato

    SkyrimAlchemy.com is now live!

    Cool website. Will be useful as I level my alchemy up a bit more. I've got thousands (literally) of ingredients in my trunk, I haven't been bothered to start sorting through them and crafting yet. When I first started doing it I would always make too much, the vendor would run out of gold and I'd be stuck carrying 20-30 potions around in my bag weighing me down.
  21. unco_tomato

    HD7000 rumors

    Bloody Chip Hell breaking NDA! (good for you guys though)
  22. unco_tomato

    HD7000 rumors

    The Australian market always plays the supply and demand game. The card is good, and can sell for that price, so why not sell it for that? Hopefully it drops soon, but if a retailer can get it, why not charge it? NDA lifts tomorrow and I've got my 7950 review ready to upload online :) Be sure to check back from single card, single card OC and CFX setup results!
  23. unco_tomato

    HD7000 rumors

    I wouldn't run Furmark on those clocks and voltage, not a good idea at all. If you want a heavy load on the card use Heaven benchmark on "extreme". Parallel and compute workloads.
  24. unco_tomato

    HD7000 rumors

    Well considering the only factory OC card on the market is the XFX black, and that sports a 1GHz clock I would be surprised to see anyone go above 1150MHz - even after PCB revisions. The fact we got 1350MHz on a reference designed engineering sample is promising though. Means the GPU architecture itself is solid, so video card vendors have plenty of room to play around and make some better PCB to support it. We have the 7970 DCU II in at the moment, and that is custom PCB, but we won't tell you what we hit on that card until next week. At the moment we're focusing on getting that "other card" in the family tree ready for it's NDA lift.
  25. unco_tomato

    Megaupload shut down

    Because what he was doing is illegal in the USA, and NZ were willing to extradite him for it. It may be true that the music industry caught wind of his new music network and put the pressure on the US government, but it may also be a load of rubbish - There is no way of knowing. All we know is he broke USA laws, pissed off a LOT of very wealthy people, and he got screwed for it.