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    Show us your Rig

    The system has changed a little now, this was taken back when I first built it with a 990FXA-UD7 and an 1100T. It has since been upgraded to an i7 3960X and Rampage IV Extreme. Either way, you get a half decent idea of how it all looks. Fitting the two radiators seemed at fist to be near impossible, but I made it work somehow. now I have 2x 360mm radiators being cooled by 6x Noctua's and I couldn't be happier with the acoustics of the case - it's silent. Fitting the 1500W PSU next to the 360mm radiator was a tight queeze, but I somehow managed. Leak testing Pretty much how it looks now (minus the finger prints)
  2. unco_tomato

    Well Hello There!

    Yes, I did used to play DoD, on both Original and Source. Thanks for the praise Mick, it's always nice to have loyal minions readers. Hopefully you stick around here for a bit, it really does have a better forum for Tech than PCPP. Nothing wrong with hanging out on both forums ;)
  3. unco_tomato

    Well Hello There!

    Sorry Singularity, hopefully my PC more than justifies the title of GOD. At the moment no one has taken over. I think they will try to fill the gaping hole with more games reviews, and the occasional freelance tech article.
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    Well Hello There!

    Thanks guys, I'll look into adding a new "Home-Brew + Craft Beer" thread tonight. Starting with a few recipes I enjoy, along with my top 50 (in no particular order) rated beers from the UK, AU and USA that I think every beer enthusiast should try. Who knows, if the legal side of it works out, I may be able to supply our next LAN even with some Atomic labeled brews! (assuming all those attending are 18+)