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    Oh Drats

    A fairly safe assumption there. As fun as having low powered rifles is, I agree with their regulation. I used to make those too, I'm sure lots of kid did. Still pretty different to an air rifle though. Of course, there are people who build more serious glove guns. If Airsoft is illegal, I doubt air rifles are ever making their way back into sale at the newsagency.
  2. unco_tomato

    Carbon Tax!

    We also just came out of winter, but let's forget that.
  3. I got my DP cable on Ebay and it's a pile o' shite. Intermittently drops the connection. I really need to get a new cable...
  4. unco_tomato

    *sigh* ACL at it again...

  5. unco_tomato

    WoW Mists of Pandaria

    I somehow don't have the achievement for killing him, even thought I've done it for the past 3 odd years :( It's all I need for my Brewmaster title.
  6. Pretty much the same as any other 7970, just with a $200-$250 higher price tag.
  7. unco_tomato

    WoW Mists of Pandaria

    I think MoP is one of the better changes to come WoWs way, and I like the class changes. I'm finding the game more balanced now than it's been in a long time. Of course people whinge about XYZ class being OP or unbalanced, but for the most part it's people just not knowing how to play their class correctly, or ignoring over half of the spells and abilities at their disposal. I've only got two characters on 86 at the moment, as I've had very limited time to play (on top of monstrous ques), but I'm hoping by the end of the weekend I'll be at 90 on my druid.
  8. unco_tomato

    I'm gonna be a dad!

    Nice one NJ, he's looking like you already.
  9. unco_tomato


    Sounds like you'd enjoy Mirrors Edge Cybes, have you played it?
  10. I like the U2713, I reviewed one last week. It's definitely a better pickup when compared to the U2711 (as long as it's cheaper) and at the moment, for the sale price, you'd be crazy to buy anything else.
  11. unco_tomato

    Merry beats up Frodo over World of Warcraft

  12. unco_tomato

    right wing and left wing

    Hahaha, you're more Authoritarian than Hitler (just), and more conservative than the pope. (yes, I realise he didn't fill out the form seriously).
  13. I'd miss you if I knew who you were. EDIT: Also, if you're after "underground" (I think you just mean geeky?), I'm planning some cool builds in the coming months when I can get enough spare time on the weekend. I'm going to use a Rasberry Pi to control a fridge (turn a dumb fridge into a smart one) I'm going to build a mobile phone charger from ~$5 of parts from Jaycar (that uses radio waves to charge) Look at removing the PWM controller from the GTX 680 and soldering on a custom power board Not sure if they'll end up online, or when I'll have time to actually complete them, but they're on my to-do list for sure.
  14. unco_tomato

    MSI MOA 2012

    I can see SniperOz and Deanzo at the front table (TeamAU), hopefully they do well. Good luck fellas.
  15. unco_tomato

    iPhone 5!

    Optus often bundle is covers with their iPhones. They did for the 4 anyway.
  16. unco_tomato

    right wing and left wing

    Unless the person asking for help arrives on a boat :P (please don't let this tongue in cheek comment derail)
  17. unco_tomato

    right wing and left wing

    I'm not :( No idea how I ended up so far left... Makes me look like a socialist (though not as far as Tantryl is seems) EDIT: Added embedded image instead of link.
  18. unco_tomato

    lurker no more

    How many months exactly? Remember, by the time it's in your hands it's already 5-6 weeks old. If there is a new card coming out, but we don't have local retailers pricing, we can't put it in for the next issue, while you can update the build list on here instantly.
  19. I don't know how much you know about the word civilian, but being a part of a militia doesn't make you a civilian. As soon as you pick up a gun and fight for a cause, you're either a combatant or part of an army/ militia, you're not a civilian. So no xnatex, in the "war on terror" anyone fighting under the flag of Islam or any other religion, government or group is not classed as a civilian. Frankly the idiot posting about gunning down civilians in the street is a moron, though I doubt anything will happen to him beyond a chewing out from his CO (if that).
  20. unco_tomato

    What Hard Drive should I buy.

    But isn't that exactly what the OP is using the drive for? So why were people calling saying the Green is shit / not to buy one for the purpose of music/video storage? I've got two green 2TB drives hooked up to the network for a shared iTunes library and they work just fine.
  21. unco_tomato

    What Hard Drive should I buy.

    Goes to show how much attention I pay to HDD's, I didn't even know Seagate purchased Samsung. I typically just buy one and replace it 3 years later to save myself the headache if it fails (if it's in regular usage).
  22. unco_tomato

    What Hard Drive should I buy.

    I typically stick with WD as Samsung are a little too noisy for me, and I had a batch of Seagate go bad on me (4 drives at once all from the same batch) so I prefer to just stick with WD as they've given me the easiest experience thus far. I'm sure there are people who don't buy WD because of a few bat batches also, but at the end of the day HDD's are pretty similar when you're buying on the consumer level. I'd pick up a 2TB WD Green and be done with it. Samsung make too much noise when reading and parking heads for my liking (that's being pretty pedantic though).
  23. I'd never buy a 51" TV to play PC games on unless I was sitting on the other side of the room, it will look terrible. There are a whole heaps of 27" IPS panels coming out from various manufacturers in the coming 2-8 weeks, some 1920x1080 (1080P HD) and some 2560x1440 (Retina Display). I'd pick up one of those over a 51" TV any day of the week, and it will likely cost you around the same for a far superior panel. As for Eyefinity, I like it, but getting the desk space together is a challenge if you live in an apartment.
  24. unco_tomato

    how much news do you watch a day

    And a stabbing.
  25. unco_tomato

    how much news do you watch a day

    What do you consider fat? I'm 79KG and 6"1' tall. I'm pretty lean over most of my body, but I've got a nice build up of visceral fat (beer belly). I enjoyed every minute of building my pot belly as it took thousands of beers to do. I look like a pregnant teenage boy.