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  1. johndev

    Smart Window.

    Really smart window.
  2. johndev

    Multi Monitor Stand

    I prefer 6m
  3. So more ram makes it slower??
  4. johndev

    Conference Tools

    I have checked this.Really great
  5. johndev

    What game genre hog what computer part

    I am thinking
  6. johndev

    Windows 7 Performance

    I did not get so much difference
  7. What do you guys prefer, Linux or ubuntu??
  8. johndev

    Angry birds

    Where I can get the angry birds for the desktop?? I just can not find this.
  9. johndev


    I like to play small game like pocket tanker,angry birds,freeding frenzy
  10. johndev

    Genisis X's photos

    Great Work.carry on
  11. johndev

    Portable gaming forum

    I think you gonna maintain a great website
  12. johndev

    Vista Key- How to find out?

    I was not known about magical jelly bean that I got here.it works
  13. johndev

    Find Duplicate Files

    I am not stable with any of these
  14. johndev

    Crap Cleaner?

    I think it's one of the best