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  1. I have a AMD 965 black edition quad core overclocked mildly to 3.7gHz. Nothing special Asus motherboard with USB 3, Sata 3 etc. 8GB kingston hyperx. My question is how does my cpu stand up with the newer stuff? Is it time to think about upgrading? I have always stuck with AMD but I have no brand affiliation. I have a Gigabyte 7950 900mHz 3GB but I occasionally get 1-2 second slowdowns with borderlands 2, skyrim and some other games with large textures which I am guessing shouldn't be due to the graphics card. I would be looking at something around the i5 3570 price range. Are there any significant gains to be had or just stick with what I have?
  2. Thanks for the advice, SSD it is. Maybe I will revisit the cpu/mobo/ram combo mid next year once the new stuff has come out and prices dropped a touch.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Is haswell going to be a huge improvement? The article says around 10% speed increase per mHz over Ive Bridge. Maybe I will wait around for this, its not as if Ivy Bridge is going to get more expensive in the mean time if I decide to go that way. Yes an SSD is definitely on the cards. I would hate to think how old my seagate 160gb windows drive is. SSD prices are starting to become a lot more reasonable especially for sizes you can actually use, 200-500gb for steam games etc. I'm not really into overclocking too much. I will see if my megahalems fits or get whatever noctua have at the time but usually 300-500mHz increase is good enough for me.