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  1. greegrass

    Desktop Rig freezing.

    My rig recently started freezing up again, so downgrading graphics drivers is a no go, at least for me... beginning to think it's my cheapo seagate hdd...
  2. greegrass

    Desktop Rig freezing.

    Had a similar issue with my r9-280x, recently downgraded the driver a few versions and haven't had any problems since, though only been on it for a few weeks. My card is amd, so it may be unrelated, but read that if you have an Un updated os, new drivers start relying on stuff that isn't there.. even if it doesn't end up working it's easy enough to try, if you currently aren't already doing it. Also, go for a clean install, so remove/uninstall all current nvidia drivers
  3. greegrass

    PCI Wireless vs Router

    not to sure what I'm doing myself, but basically trying to set up a router like a client I think - to share an internet connection from my computer (at a uni hall/flat so broadband comes through ethernet not phone line, and want to go direct from wall to computer then to sharing so I can still share stuff on the hall network using dc++ (apparently this is not possible otherwise, unless the router has dual/russian pppoe)). the link is the router setup instructions I'd use, but instead of 3g just have the incoming (from wall to computer) connection go to a second RJ-45 port on my computer. http://superuser.com/questions/241651/sett...nection-sharing hope that explains it, but also have a feeling that being able to position the router in a better location (just run a bit longer cable from comp to router) would account for any defecit in signal power. EDIT: @Master_Scythe: will have a look into both of those - thanks
  4. is a router - in my case a netgear wgt624v3 - gonna have a greater range than a cheap pci wireless care such as the TP-LINK TL-WN881ND? this is concrete apartment building, if that makes any difference. any answers much appreciated
  5. greegrass

    Suggestions for after market CPU cooling

    Didn't want to start a new thread as my question is basically the same, except for a 4670k on a gigabyte z87-ud3h. from googling it seems that the CM hyper 212 evo/plus is the best, at least in terms of air cooling (don't want to go into water cooling just yet), although this thread makes it clear noctua is a decent solution as well. My main problem with the 212 is the 37mm clearance, which'll apparently interfere with my first ram slot if I use any high-ish end ram with a heatsink? so are there any coolers for lga1150 which have >40mm clearance, or don't come out as far at the bottom so as not to cover my first ram slot?
  6. Looking at building my first gaming desktop, and found a place that sells a saphire toxic r9-280x relatively cheap. However, I don't really want to spend to much on a case - was looking at the inwin mana 136 - but most cheap cases don't seem to accomodate long graphics cards - the toxic is 308mm in length, mana only fits up to 290mm So, would be there any way of modding the mana 136 to fit the card - remove some of the hdd bays maybe? if not, could someone recommend me a good cheap case, or link me to a thread/website? or should I just forget about the toxic and go for any of the shorter cards? Thanks in advance
  7. budget is around $1000, but rather spend as little as possible on case and accessories (probably get most second hand) and spend as much as possible on hardware. regards overclocking, it probably never will be overlocked. And I'll probably end up fixing it if things go wrong, but I don't mind, anyways, in my limited experience home built rigs don't go wrong all that often. power usage isn't a problem, it's more just maximum bang for your buck. And what are the nvidia quadro cards meant for - would they be better than a kepler GTX?
  8. A friend has asked me to build him a fairly good rig dedicated solely to the purpose of video editing - thing is, I don't really know much about it as I've only ever concerned myself with gaming rigs. I've googled a bit, and found many sites that say intel/nvidia is the only way to go regards cpu/gpu as amd doesn't really support much to do with video editing - however, I've found a minority of sites that disagree, saying amd can be used just as well. Does anyone know anything about this? And if you could recommend a build all the better. The main program my friend intends to use is premiere pro cs6, if that makes a difference.
  9. greegrass

    Best Gaming Headset! 2012 June

    You could try using heatshrink, although not to sure how smart it would be, as you need to use heat to shrink it, and I can't imagine the headphone cables liking excessive heat. not sure about where in australia, and i'm also not sure of the price- i just know about it from a friend who uses it for tidying cables in rc planes. I wouldn't heatshrink the whole thing as well, just at set spaces along the cable.
  10. greegrass

    Movie Viewer

    try vlc media player. i've always used it flawlessly on windows, linux, and ios. it's currently in beta for android, and i can't comment how well it actually works on android, as i don't own any android device, but the team that makes it always seems to do a great job of it.
  11. greegrass

    Dual screening a laptop with a projector

    hmm, after some more fiddling i think i should have added that it was a wireless connection to the projector through the projectors adhoc network and some silly panasonic program- panasonic ME3 or something like it. the dual screening works fine with a standard vga connection cable, just not with the wireless connection. so, anyone know how to extend with a wireless connection? and also, it lags horribly with wireless, is there any way to stop the lag, or is wireless just not capable of the data transfer rate required?
  12. greegrass

    Best Gaming Headset! 2012 June

    I got myself a set of razer megalodons, and i must say, as my first pair of 7.1 surround sound headphones - even if it is virtual- they are certainly amazing when playing cod or the like. the controls on them are also awesome. the mic also works well, only grip is the mic is on a fixed rod, so can only be moved around the headphone, farther away/closer to the mouth. the mic sensitivity and volume options should however take care of it. they also come in a very handy case to take to lan parties in, even if it's a pain to get the cabling in the case. However, my flatmate reckons that they are not as crisp as they should be, and i have noticed it when playing music after he mentioned it. so basically, for gaming they are awesome, but for music/movies i'm sure theres something better out there. I'd probably go with the headphones + clip on mic suggestion.
  13. Today I was fiddling around with a laptop and a projector, a panasonic of some kind, and wondered if it would be possible to dual screen them. what I mean is is it possible to make windows think that the projector is a second monitor and extend the image instead of replicate it as it usually does? I would have expected it to happen when you select extend screen option on your laptop (fn +f?), but instead it just replicates the picture to the same resolution as the laptop instead of treating the projector as a second screen, which is what I actually what to happen. I couldn't find a thread on this, but if there is one please tell me about it.
  14. greegrass

    Games are educational!

    yeah, i must admit i did play some of those educational games, maths raiders or something like it, but i'd never call it a game anymore, although I'm not sure why. maybe because it's just not comparable to modern games ie. bf3, mw3 in terms of entertainment and fun. and +1 for typing of the dead, I think it's the closest thing to an interesting typing game you can get. certainly beats mavis beacon teaches typing games which we were forced to play when we had ict lessons a few years ago. and reminiscening about old games, I tried out zork a while back, and it certainly confuzzled my little mind to shreds. and I doubt that it's the text thing, as even with the earlier tomb raiders the puzzles seem so much less obvious than in the newer ones. maybe it's due to graphics, but it feels like newer games are just made more for playing than thinking. hell, i even got a walkthrough guide to the first 3 tomb raiders when i bought them second hand, in the form of a fat magazine - i guess the internet and "insert name here"-vision ingame has replaced the need for magazined walkthroughs. basically, i reckon games are getting less educational and less thought provoking in order to achieve entertainment to greater masses. hell, notice how there're so many old games mentioned, and not to many new ones on this thread. maybe the title should be "Games were educational!"
  15. greegrass

    Games are educational!

    I believe that since i started gaming(beginning with halo 1 when it was already outdated) at the old age of about 10/11 (i'm 16 now) i've been a lot less violent to my surroundings in real life. the games act kind of as a stress relief, which is possibly why there is so much abuse in online games as well. that reminds me games tought me how to not be offended by peoples abuse, unless something that i was being abused for was really my fault, as well as learning how to go on a true rampaging rant online with quick intense verocity( thanks league of legends) and forget about it instantly. Tomb raider tought me a bit about ancient greek mythology, although i'm not sure hwo much of it was true and how much of it was made up for the games purpose.