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  1. clung3

    Farcry 3?

    Hmm, yeah... I'm not too much a fan of all the hand-holding, although I have become accustomed to it now. It still shows things like "Hold E to Interact" etc. but I think taking away minimap / icons over heads will add to the immersion somewhat. It also rids of the sound effects when you get a headshot, the xp notification when you get a headshot etc. which is nice. I gave MP a go first night of release, I'd say I would enjoy it if the game ran better on my system (it chugs even on low settings in MP for some reason) - it feels kind of cool to play. I'd say call of duty game play crossed with BF3-esque gunplay. And Molotovs are sick fun. When I get my upgrade next week I might post here to see who is keen for a few domination games!
  2. clung3

    Farcry 3?

    Hi guys, Brock here - for some reason I can't login since the Atomic change over? -.- Thought some would be interested - mods. Basically the current ones out disable the HUD/Minimap icons... Icons above heads of enemies (creatures included). Makes the game more difficult. There are also mods that modify the sights of certain weapons slightly, like the red dot. Makes it less of a glowing dot and turns it more into a BF3 style dot. I believe that modding the game means you will get banned if you play multiplayer (not confirmed yet), so make backups of your original files and switch them out if you want to play on MP servers. http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/73404...s-for-Far-Cry-3? http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/show...d.php?t=3023873 I for one will be starting the game again next week when I finally get my PC upgrade. Will play with these mods on :)
  3. clung3

    New life

    Thanks for that. To be honest Tassie never even crossed my mind, something more to add to this massive list :P lol. You're welcome :) good luck with everything and if you have any questions about it feel free to ask, as I don't think there's very many Tassie folk on Atomic. Cheers
  4. clung3

    New life

    A lot will disagree. But I would seriously consider Tassie. Not entirely sure on support jobs, when I was looking at getting in to IT years ago there seemed to be an abundance of them. But now, not so sure - not hard to find out by monitoring the job websites for a few weeks. Cost of living here is better than every other state. Though, generally speaking salaries/wages are slightly less for the same job. But there is a trade off: depending on where you live you will only spend a short amount of time travelling too and from work. Which could be a plus for you as a new father, more time with your kids. To put it into perspective. I live thirty minutes by car from Hobart. I live on the beach, in a three bedroom house by myself (currently don't have a missus!) - it's a popular summer holiday destination for families, but throughout the other three seasons, stays fairly quiet. Loving it. Alternatively, you can buy a new home 10-15 minutes from the city for anywhere between $250,000 - $400,000 depending on the typical factors. Weather is good, despite the rumours. Extremely good summers. Winters aren't as bad as you might think. You get the best of both worlds, summer really is summer, and winter really is winter - snow on the mountains (great for the kids when they get a bit older), but overall not too cold at sea level. :P Safe for the kids; less traffic overall, less people and less crime overall. The outdoors are the best here in Tas, so if you're keen on raising your kids to love and appreciate the outdoors this could be a good place to do it. Beaches, mountains, fantastic scenery and great bush walks all really close by. In terms of internet and tech shops; there are a few tech shops around, though I still generally order online and get stuff delivered (PCCG usually.) NBN is already available in several locations (mostly slightly rural locations but there are a few spots closer to the city that have it.) Other than that, it's your typical Naked DSL. I can get Internodes ADSL 2+ EasyReach where I live, and it's as remote as you would go if you worked in the city.
  5. clung3

    Guild wars 2- The next bwe.

    Well, the way I see it is this: WoW Arenas and RBGs is "PVP". It has a ladder system, with rewards at the end of each season. WoW has a massive subscriber base, don't have the numbers in front of me, but it would still be up and around the 10 million mark, of which maybe a third would be reasonably involved in either Arenas or RBGs. WoW is the only ever MMO to have a presence in a competitive environment that is played for cash prizes. There's a reason people compare these other attempts at MMOs to WoW mate. The age old "WoW is not PVP" argument is ridiculous. It's PVP, and it's better than most of the garbage in the genre at the moment. Though, that is subjective of course - but when you're talking millions of players vs a couple of hundred thousand players, I think that speaks for itself.
  6. clung3

    Guild wars 2- The next bwe.

    Yeah, I get all that. The complexity of the skill system is great. The fact you can only take a few skills with you, and change them up before a battle, I guess isn't such a bad system. It's just about the fluidity of the combat. Not the way the system is designed. Just the feel of the combat. The PHYSICAL feel of the combat. It's usually tied to animations, movement, and responsiveness of each key press. It's hard to explain what I mean unless you've played a game like WoW at a reasonably high level of PVP-play. It's why I judge this game and why I judge others... They just don't seem to be able to get it right. And there are a lot of people who feel the same way as me, and will play the game for a month or two and realise that nothing will change the way the game feels to play, and they end up going back to the previous option. It is honestly one major reason WoW has kept a solid player-base and has also featured at several e-sports events. I honestly feel that GW2 will not live up to the hype around the whole PVP e-sport scene simply because of the way the combat feels when you are engaged in it. They have some brilliant features and brilliant ground-breaking ideas implemented in the game, but I feel like this part of the game I am talking about, will let it down in the end... But, I could be wrong, time will tell :)
  7. clung3

    Guild wars 2- The next bwe.

    Question: Are you posting your feedback on their forums? Extremely unlikely anyone worthwhile will see it here. I can't share your enthusiasm unfortunately. Graphics lag, I can put that down to "it's a beta, it will be fixed by launch", but the actual game play is somewhat of a snorefest for me. Lack of interesting skills, shitty animations that make my character look like it's floating throughout the world when it's casting abilities. The dynamic events get old, they really are just quests with a shiny new cover. And then there's the camera system, which I agree with you, should be an option to turn off camera snap. The one thing I did love was the tournament system. Note: The system. Not the dynamics of the fights inside each game, again, it just doesn't feel right for some reason. It doesn't feel fluent or smooth to play at all, it doesn't feel like I'm connecting with someone when I do. I stopped spamming my abilities (as I used to somewhat doing that in other MMO games) in BWE2 so I had quite a bit more success overall, but it still didn't feel right. *shrugs*, no idea why, I've said it before, it could be just that WoW and Tera combat has made me too critical of other games' combat systems, completely nullifying my enjoyment of them. Glad you are enjoying it. But also, careful not to get too hyped up for it, you might end up over-hyping the game for yourself and end up sorely disappointed if ANet don't end up keeping their promises.
  8. clung3

    Dragon's Dogma

    Oh wow can't believe I missed this. Right down my alley. Pity I sold my PS3 and Xbox a few months back :(
  9. clung3


    Jesus bloody christ blimey strike the flamin' crows you could have said this from the beginning. :P
  10. clung3


    I would much rather you kick kittens please.
  11. clung3

    Guild wars 2- The next bwe.

    June 11th is a public holiday as said above, unless you work in something where you get nada public holidays then there's no need to take the day off. Also it will start at 3am for you. 5am AEST, 3am in the west. :)
  12. clung3

    Guild wars 2- The next bwe.

    Australian Time (Brisbane) 5:00am Saturday, 9th June -> 5:00pm Monday, 11th June (Public Hol) Wow, how lucky is that! No need to take leave woohoo!
  13. clung3

    Diablo III

    I loved D3 for the first three days. But the fact you have to play on normal first, shits me to tears. I wanted to dive right in and play a greater difficulty, because now unfortunately I have lost all interest in the game. And Hardcore isn't really for me - I can't justify spending copious amounts of hours levelling, make one tiny slip-up, only to go back and do the same fucking content again for copious amounts of hours. :p
  14. clung3

    46 Issues: Time to hang up my hat

    All the best and good luck with getting your health back on track, whatever it may be.
  15. clung3

    Game pricing changes over time

    Love it bwaha.