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  1. Hey guys I have an interesting issue with Firefox I am running the latest non beta version. When I move my mouse to the bottom left part of the screen so the cursor is touching the edge of the screen and is along the side of the Windows start button my screen goes grey sometimes it flashes grey sometimes it will stay grey for a few seconds but the moment I move my mouse out of the corner my screen goes back to normal. On some websites it stays grey for longer and on other it hardly goes grey at all. So what the heck is going on?? I have run a scan with Microsoft security essentials which found nothing. Opening firefox in safe mode seems to resolve the issue but as far as I can tell no plugins/addons are causing the issue. If anyone has any ideas please let me know :) Thanks
  2. insertfunnyname

    An Incredibly Strange Firefox Grey Screen Issue

    Using the latest Nvidia drivers 310.54 Still haven't managed to fix the issue. :/
  3. insertfunnyname

    My new rig.

    Very nice but are you planning on sleeving the 24 pin?
  4. insertfunnyname

    Dasa High End Rig

    I don't think you really need something as big as an 800D or the TJ07 t's just gonna be a waste of space. I like my P280 a lot it's quiet, has good cable management and if you add a fan (or two) to the front of the case it has good cooling. The Fractal Design R4 looks very nice and if you need to extra room then like Poison said the XL is a good quiet choice.
  5. insertfunnyname

    Dasa High End Rig

    I've used a Sapphire 7870 which was very quiet and cool its fans even under full load never went over 40% so the Sapphire 7970 should be pretty quiet also.
  6. insertfunnyname

    Guild Wars 2

    GW2 website has standard edition it for 60 us https://buy.guildwars2.com/en/
  7. insertfunnyname

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    I've used http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...roducts_id=6607 right away I could fly without flying into stuff or going crazy with the mouse. even the helicopter is much easier. I was looking at the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick is looks pretty decent for its price. It's $50 NZD which is nice. I can fly pretty well with a mouse and keyboard just aiming with jets is what I suck at..
  8. insertfunnyname

    Budget Build

    Hey everyone I'm putting together a budget work/casual gaming machine for a friend of mine. He already has a high spec gaming machine so this PC is mainly going to be used for work and light gaming with his brother. Here is what I have put together: i5 3470 ASUS P8B75M 4GB G.Skill 1333Mhz 9-9-9-24 RAM Seagate Barracuda 500GB HDD ASUS 7770 Silverstone Strider 500W PSU Silverstone TJ08B-E ASUS DVD Drive Don't need Win7 Not going to overclock anything so I don't need Z77. Basically I just want to know if there is anything I should change/add the budget for this PC is $1050 NZD. The websites we use is www.computerlounge.co.nz and www.playtech.co.nz Thanks
  9. insertfunnyname

    Budget Build

    Thanks Dasa but I can't find any NZ shops with Phenom's still instock :(
  10. insertfunnyname

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Do any of you guys use a joystick? Are they helpful for flying I'm pretty good with a jet using keyboard and mouse but a joystick looks like a lot of fun.
  11. insertfunnyname

    Budget Build

    Ok well he has increased his budget and so this is what I have replaced: Gigabyte AMD 7870 i5 3570K ASUS p8z77-m 8GB Muskin RAM Intel 330 180GB SSD Seasonic X560 PSU NZXT Havik 140 cooler Still going to use same case as it looks very nice, dvd drive is needed. So how does it look? And I also have another quick question what are the AMD APU's specifically the A8-3870K like for gaming? I'm putting together a super low budget WoW, GW2 and Facebook build together for a girl I'm considering using the A8-3870K or 3670K along with a 7750. She doesn't care about graphics and plays a 1680x1050.
  12. insertfunnyname

    Whats your Desktop Background?

    I use this one: http://entertainment.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/105218/
  13. insertfunnyname

    Budget Build

    From PCCG FAQ: Do you ship internationally? At this time we only ship within Australia. Also buying parts internationally makes me nervous because if parts where to arrive DOA it's going to be a massive pain in ass to ship them back and get it fixed. Both shops are less than 20 min drive away so pick up is no problem. For 8GB this G.Skill RAM is the cheapest at $85 it's still $35 extra. Unfortunately an SSD is just to expensive maybe in the future he could upgrade and get one. As for whether he is willing to spend extra on that gold FSP Aurum PSU, 8GB RAM and whether or not he needs a DVD drive I will ask. And I never ever buy non modular PSU's cable management is just to difficult with them. Other than that thanks for the help!
  14. insertfunnyname

    Show us your Rig

    Nice build alkahest what is 7750 crossfire like?
  15. insertfunnyname

    Build Opinions

    If you want a good cheap modular PSU the Seasonic M12II 520W is ok http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=15957 It's cheaper than the antec one but it's not as efficient. So it's really your choice whether you want modular bronze rated psu or non modular high efficiency psu personally I would stick with the Antec unit as it's very good. Also you can't overclock on a b75 chipset
  16. insertfunnyname

    Build Opinions

    One thing you may want to take into consideration is that the PSU is not modular but if you don't mind this it is a good build. Also the last screenshot of your shopping cart there is no motherboard!
  17. I have a P280 and it's really good for the price. However I would definitely suggest adding in one 120mm intake fan.
  18. insertfunnyname

    Working in IT, Do you ?

    I'm 15 at the moment and I've built a fair amount of gaming PC's for people to make some money and I'm really interested in starting an IT career. I'm not sure what to do though because I love playing with hardware and building PC's but I also really like programming. I've learnt and done a lot of VB, C#, JavaScript programming and I've also learnt HTML, CSS and PHP so I can make websites pretty well. Just started C++. Looking at going to Auckland University and doing a Bachelor of Technology which seems interesting.
  19. Hello Recently I installed a new CPU cooler for a friend. The cooler was a Noctua NH-D14, everything seemed to go really well, the temps were good and the PC didn't crash while playing BF3 or running Prime95. Now his computer randomly freezes sometimes it will go for days without freezing and sometimes it will freeze very frequently. His specs are: i5 2500K @ 4.2Ghz stock voltage 8GB Kingston HyperX RAM EVGA GTX 560 Ti Western Digital 1TB HDD Black Coolermaster Storm Enforcer Coolermaster eXtreme 600watt PSU ASUS P8Z68-V The enforcer case mobo tray cut out wasn't aligned properly with the motherboard back plate so I took the entire motherboard out and installed the cooler I removed the ram sticks also. I also did some cable management for him. So stuff I told him to try: Run Furmark and Prime95 - the temps were fine so it is not a temperature related issue. Run memtest passed that just fine Reinstall video drivers didn't resolve issue Checked that all the cables like 24pin, 8pin SATA etc were all seated properly I've also told him to remove any overclocks. One important thing is that the computer just freezes completely randomly whether he is playing a game or just on his desktop it doesn't matter what program he is using. When the PC freezes nothing can be done ctrl + alt + delete doesn't work and the only thing to do is a hard reset. So I'm stubbed I don't know what is wrong. Do any of you guys have any ideas? Thank you for any help :)
  20. insertfunnyname

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I preordered last night. I've spent 500+ hours on CSS so I'm looking forward to GO :) I've played a lot of COD4, BF2, BC2, MW2 and BF3 but I always come back to CSS I don't know why there is just something about it which makes it ultra satisfying.
  21. insertfunnyname

    Computer Randomly Freezing

    -update- I'm pretty sure it is a driver related issue now because he ran in safe mode for a long time and did not crash. However when he returned to normal mode his PC froze again. Does anyone know a good tool to remove all drivers and start clean? Or should he just do a fresh install of Windows?
  22. insertfunnyname

    Computer Randomly Freezing

    Yeah he has dumped the overclock next time the PC freezes we will have a look at the event log.
  23. insertfunnyname

    SSD Crucial M4, still the bees knees?

    Intel 330, Samsung 830 and the M4 are the ones I would look at.
  24. insertfunnyname

    2011 Xeon CPU coolers

    You can get a 2011 bracket for the Hyper 212+ Evo for free here: http://coolermaster-usa.com/landing/lga2011/
  25. insertfunnyname

    New Rig

    The thermal paste that comes with the CM cooler should do the job just fine but if you really want other thermal paste then you can't go wrong with Noctua NT-H1. Also don't bother spreading the thermal paste with a credit card or something it's only really needed for pysically larger processors like 2011. But for small LGA1155 CPU's it's really just not worth it. A small pea sized drop in the middle will just be fine.