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  1. elfenlied

    ODD DVI port

    I just went out and got an vid card for $30 so now i have a low end gaming rig that only cost me $30.
  2. elfenlied

    ODD DVI port

    Here are some pics of it.
  3. elfenlied

    ODD DVI port

    I have an AMD vid card that a mate gave to me to put in my scrap pc and the DVI port hasn't got the cross on it to put a normal DVI cable on it. It looks just like an DVI plug but no line on it do i have to get a difernt cable for it?
  4. elfenlied

    don't know whats rong with pc

    befor i started up this morning i unpluged the HDD and the pc started and went to bios 1st go so i do beleave it's the HDD cuasing all the problems.
  5. elfenlied

    don't know whats rong with pc

    the motherbord is a gigabyte GA-970A-D3 and the blue screen ses its was grafics loss and the beeps come from the hdd and they have been there since day 1.
  6. Ok well my pc i build thats 8 months old is starting to play up the 1st problem it had is when im watching youtube the pc would randomly blue screen crash and it was compleatly random i would watch a lot of vids the crash. The other problem and this is the big 1 the pc won't always start the hard dard drive would beep 16 time and then nothing no screen no keybord or mouse but all the fans and neons would turn on. I would have to turn it on and off up to 5-10 times befor it will boot and then it will take a bit to start up but after that it works fine. So i think it might be the mother bord on the fritz. Can any one help befor i spend money to get it fixed
  7. elfenlied

    hard drive cloning

    Thanks it worked well.
  8. I want to get an SSD for my mini HP to make it faster and use less power but i don't want to re install everything so what is a good hard drive clone program to get for it?
  9. elfenlied

    twin HD6870

    My psu is a Thermaltake litepower. Would it be better to go out and buy a $300 card. Because soon i will be building a low end gaming pc for my mate and was thinking to sell him my old card and just buy a bigger card for my rig. But its hard to find a card around the $300 mark thats why i was thinking on going 2 6870s and if i do go 1 biger card what would be good around $300.
  10. elfenlied

    twin HD6870

    I do have a 750W psu so will that run the both or will i have to go biger?
  11. elfenlied

    twin HD6870

    What do you guys/girls think of running 2 HD6870 in crosfire. Allso if it is a good idear to run2 can my MoBo run it (Gigabyte GA-970A-D3).
  12. I want to paint the inside of my case black and want to know what is the easiest and cheapest way to do it?
  13. elfenlied

    video editing software

    This hase probably been asked a few times but what is a good free video editing software?
  14. elfenlied

    Intel SSD with AMD

    I take it as a yes thx.
  15. Just want to know if an Intel SSD will work in a pc with an AMD CPU?