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  1. magnusson

    How to play Blu-rays on PC

    Get a blue ray drive and a blu ray compatible player. Pretty freakin simple.
  2. magnusson

    Student latptop

    Macbook pro 13"? It has a 500gb drive and an intel i5 2.4 ghz cpu i think.
  3. magnusson

    NVIDIA - AMD equivalents

    Thanks for the links they have been very useful :)
  4. I was just wondering if someone could put together a little table that gives the AMD equivalents of NVIDIA graphics cards. It does not have to be too detailed, as long as it gives a basic outline of what is equal to what. Thanks in advance. :)
  5. magnusson

    Asus Z77 boards on show

    Damn. All i have to say is that the sabretooth board is a thing of beauty.
  6. Is it just me or does a 1200 watt psu seem like slight overkill. A decent 850 watt psu should be more than enough.
  7. magnusson

    New rig

    I agree, Dasa's thread is very helpfull for general build guidelines. You could get a Z77 board and use an i5 3570k cpu. Pretty much as good as a lower end i7. And i think hyperthreading is enabled too(correct me if i am wrong).
  8. magnusson

    Gaming setup advice

    I was just having a look on the battlelog forum things and came across this thread http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum...54347997282316/ . It states at one point that to run ultra settings you need 7850 or gtx 570, but i suppose even with one you would not get the highest framerate.
  9. magnusson

    Gaming setup advice

    Yeah i guess i could buy from Aussie but then there would still be shipping costs. But i might investigate further into overseas sites.
  10. magnusson

    Gaming setup advice

    My monitor at the moment sucks so i will get a new one. Probably the LG E2351VR 23" which is 1920x1080 resolution. PS. I did consider the 7870 but in nz it is freakin expensive. Online the cheapest on was $549 and that site is one of the cheapest i could find. An asus 7870 on there is $599 Oh how i wish everything in NZ didnt cost a fortune.
  11. Hey guys just wondering how well this build would run games like BF3. I would like to have average frame rates on high to ultra settings, but not sure if this build would allow that. I have seen some people that claim to get a decent frame rate on ultra settings you need a SLI/crosfire setup. Any advice greatly appreciated. Here is the build: Mobo - Asus P8Z77-V LK CPU - Intel I5 3570K Ivy Bridge 3.40Ghz RAM - Corsair Vengeance 8GB GPU - Asus HD 7850 Direct CU II 2GB PSU - 650 watt power supply I guess the rest doesnt really afect performance.
  12. magnusson

    It is finally time...

    Thanks, i think i will try my hand at javascript.
  13. magnusson

    New rig

    Ivy bridge is released, but honestly a snady bridge i5 2500k would be just as decent for gaming. Sure not quite as overclockable but as this will be your first build i guess you wont be overclocking immediatley anyway. I think Sandy bridge should still be good for the next several years. You could consider getting a Z77 mobo but if you dont decide to use ivy bridge there is not that much point. Try checking out Dasa's thread parts guide here: http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php?showtopic=13969 ,it could certainly be of some use to you. Given your budget i guess the value gamer would be a good choice. Here is another quick list of things you could consider: Mobo: Asus P8 Z68-V Gen 3 (or a similar Z77 board)- $249 CPU: Intel i5 2500k 3.3 ghz - around $250 Case: Bitfenix Shinobi - $112 Psu: anything taht is 500-650 watts should do - usually around $100-150 GPU: GTX 560 Ti - $250 HDD: western digital: caviar black 1TB - $160 Dvd drive: Anything really these days they are cheap- around $50 or so Total - $1200 (if you are from Australia these prices will be much cheaper because sadly i am from New Zeeland - The land where every thing costs a million freakin bucks. Hope this post helped and good luck with your build.
  14. Well this list is nothing if not impressive, nice work Dasa. I think i may even use it a base for build myself.
  15. magnusson


    Hey guys, just wondering what board you would buy if you were going to be starting a new build now. Would you go for Z77 or Z68?