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  1. xnatex

    how crap is this government ?

    Dont be singling out specific religous schools,its discrimintory and agenda driven. All Religous schools who peddle false history about magic spells and super powers fall under the same banner, a secular country should not use tax payers money to fund children being taught fairy tails. i.e. The Malek Fahd Islamic School has accused the state government of breaching racial discrimination laws in ordering it to repay $8.5 million in taxpayer funding. The school, which educates about 2500 Muslim students in Sydney's south-west, is refusing to pay back the financial assistance it received between 2010 and 2011, three years after the NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, declared that it had been unlawfully operating for profit. http://www.smh.com.au/national/education/islamic-school-refuses-to-repay-millions-to-department-of-education-20151014-gk8rrs.html
  2. now all we need is young kim to browse our forums and read this haha NK is no threat, they have nothing on the Saudi terror kings
  3. I think I read from some refugee agency that of the 1.1million migrants 82% are young single males. The problem isn't refugees, it's an absolutely ridiculous gender disparity and only a small amount of children. All the women and children are left in the war zones to be taken captive. It's a real shame, but it's no surprise
  4. They have enough police resources to violently shut down any protests about lawlessness, but not enough to protect people at major train stations
  5. Click bait topic title aside. Has anyone brought stock in European markets before? There's a good investment opportunity in Germany at the moment. Pfefferspray (Pepper spray) is selling in very large volumes due to the new mass scale crime waves against women and very little police protection. It doesn't look like it will slow down anytime soon. Google trends shows Pfefferspray searches growing at an unprecedented rate, never seen before in this country. https://www.google.com.au/trends/explore#q=Pfefferspray "security discount Germany " seems to be a popular distributor for self defence products and probably a good investment. I invested through the Frankfurt stock exchange on commsec last year and have had a return of nearly 33% They will probably find a political solution in a few months so now is a good opportunity to capitalise in a rapid growing market. I used to get into a lot of arguments with people about the dangers of letting in large amounts of young single Islamic men from the middle east and North Africa. But it was futile and got me branded racist. I try not to engage in that conversation anymore, it's easier to just bet money on the outcome. Seriously tho, FWB is the exchange, just buy into any company who makes or distributes self defence weapons, the police even came out and said they are stretched too thin to protect their women. A whole nation is going to buy protection. #politicFail #socialexperiment
  6. xnatex

    oculus rift!

    Ive just took my rig into the shop to get him to bring it upto oculus rift specs, gonna get a new mobo, geforce 970 and got a new 27" benq gaming monitor for starwars haha. ill hold off for a few months on the rift, if it gets good reviews ill add another 970 to SLI. i read nvida are using sli tech so to use 1 card per eye which would be a good performance increase. yeeiw
  7. xnatex

    how crap is this government ?

    But hey, let's vote for them anyway, I'm sure they can serve society with much more efficiency and honesty..... I actually dont see anything wrong with having a party on one of our ships, its not like they are doing anything else important. All political parties who favour our defence force should be allowed to have parties on the ships, with the blessings of the Navy of course (which they got in form of vouchers)
  8. xnatex

    oculus rift!

    damn i wanna ride rollarcoasters in the lounge room ! Im sure the atomic overlords will get ahold of this gear and give us a nice deep review of the situation, this just sounds like too much fun to bring out at a party
  9. xnatex

    World War 3

    It doesnt help that we are all allied with the major bad guys behind this whole mess. Saudi Arbia are the bad guys we are looking for.. to bad they are American friends and we cant do anything. Im balls deep in the war machine atm, every year it gets more dodgy. The cause is a lie, everyone is a mercenary. Saudis are terror kings.
  10. xnatex

    oculus rift!

    a VR headset or specifically this model of oculus rift? i tried some samsung one which was a solid 6/10. Did feel the motion sickness tho which im worried the rift may induce It was about six months ago, so it was probably an Oculus DK2 Do you know if that had the same system requirements as the rift? the GFX needed to run the rift is pretty high end, i was even wondering if its worth waiting for 1 more gen of gfx to be released yeah usually thats a good idea, ive read conflicting reports as to how buggy it is tho. There doesnt seem to be that big a selection of media for it atm either. I just really really want it now but haha. but dont want to get over excited and have my first impressions ruined by bugs
  11. xnatex

    oculus rift!

    a VR headset or specifically this model of oculus rift? i tried some samsung one which was a solid 6/10. Did feel the motion sickness tho which im worried the rift may induce
  12. xnatex

    oculus rift!

    Not that i saw, that would be sweet tho! Time is scary, im in my 30s, single, no kids. Is playing on VR what i should be spending my life on.... i kinda think so haha. waiting for a few very indepth reviews might be worth it. But is this rift Gen1? they have made heaps of attempts at VR in the past. All shit, but this one seems to be "the one" Has anyone seen any places giving demo's of the equipment? im looking at buying a radeon R9 390x atm . im interested in playing starwars battlefront in 4k too oh technology, i love you :)
  13. xnatex

    oculus rift!

    Hey all! long time no chats :) Not sure if i put this topic in the right forum, i thought for awhile but since this topic could go into Audio & Display,Portable & Mobile Tech,Gaming,Photography & Video,Design & Coding and Tech Talk i thought id just dump it here. So as yall may know, https://www.oculus.com/en-us/rift/ has released their flagship VR device and i dont know what to do! its expensive, requires a super computer and looks awesome Theres alot of hype about it but how much should we be buying into? its not beneath me to upgrade my rig to support it but will i ragret it? Whats are your thoughts on this on any level? is it for gaming? is the video amazing ? is it well designed? is it a fad? sorry for all the questions but this annoucment hit me right in the max power computing. Happy new years BTW!
  14. xnatex


    nah i dont think its that. All Sharia countries control their people through fear and intimidation. Standard practice
  15. xnatex


    They are saying there is "technical" issues with the delay of the execution.. Only indonesia would experience technical difficulties loading bullets into rifles lol I've heard quite a few people saying "oh we shouldnt say anything about indo, they are bigger then us and could beat us in war". Anyone else heard comments along the lines of this? Indo would never make it to Australia