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  1. ninjacatfish

    iTunes 11

    With iTunes Match, you don't transfer music from your PC to the phone, you have to download it through Match on the phone. It's been like that since well before iTunes 11. Anything that was on your device beforehand (at least for me) stayed there, but I couldn't sync music with my library anymore with Match on, since it synced everything in the cloud. As for iTunes 11, I quite like it. It seems noticably more responsive on my main Windows machine, and I quite like the new focus on albums, matches my listening habits more closesly than the focus on shuffling in previous versions.
  2. ninjacatfish

    Apple maps are poopalicious!

    I downloaded Google Maps iOS on releaase day. It's good, Google have a wealth of mapping data, but it won't be my go-to iPhone mapping app. I've used iOS 6's built in Maps 4 times so far getting directions in and around Perth, and it's worked perfectly every time. The fact that I can tell Siri 'give me directions to my brother's house' while I am driving is too darn useful. With Google I'd have to pull over, bring up the app, type in the address and then get directions. I don't deny that Apple Maps have issues, but I have yet to find one and have been using it since iOS 6 day one.
  3. ninjacatfish

    HD 8000 rumours

    For the majority this may well be the case, but for people like me with higher resolutions to push (my screen is 2560x1440) I am finding my current setup struggling with some games, necessitating disabling some graphical effects to maintain a 60fps. Looking forward to this next generation, as current cards to me don't really give me enough of a boost over my 2 560Tis in SLI, at least for a reasonable amount of money. Hoping that next next gen will mean I'll get noticable increase in performance for similar money!
  4. ninjacatfish

    AAC vs MP3

    That feature I think is for where you have lossless quality files you want to sync to an iOS device, but you don't want the associated file size on a device that you'll probably see no benefit of lossless files over 256k. That's what I use it for anyway, saves me having to maintain a lossless library for my PC, and a lower bitrate library for my portables.
  5. ninjacatfish

    Raspberry Pi - A challenger appears

    Never really looked into the Raspberry Pi, but have had an inkling of what I coudl se this/Raspberry for. Any idea how well it'd run various old videogame emulators? For games I own (of course), it'd be nice to have a little old game jukebox rather than occasionally fighting with my NES :)
  6. Oh, interesting! I did a similar thing with the official Microsoft application that turns an ISO into a bootable USB drive, but I was lucky enough to have a running Windows PC, this'll be good for Mac only households :)
  7. ninjacatfish

    Carmageddon [iPad]

    I've played the original, but it was so long ago that I couldn't possibly compare them :PI would imagine handling should be exactly the same, they seem to have gone to an effort to make sure nothing has changed. Maybe I just need to practise.
  8. ninjacatfish

    Razer Blade

    Why the actual hell would you spend $2500 on a laptop and *not* RMA it when it has an easily demonstrable fault?
  9. ninjacatfish

    Carmageddon [iPad]

    I'm finding the controls so bad :( Not really the fault of the touch controls, it's just that the actual cars handle like a bar of soap! Can't seem to keep them going in a direction I want them to. Might just be early vehicles, but it's hard to feel like playing more when I am just not having fun with starting vehicles :(
  10. ninjacatfish

    Samsung, the masochistic tech company?

    Jesus Christ, that thing is a freaking MacBook Air with a Samsung logo :| Wooooooooooooow.
  11. ninjacatfish

    screen resolution

    Do you mean in TVs? I don't really see much point if screen sizes remain the same. The eye just can't perceive much difference aat your typical TV viewing distance with TVs of current sizes. Maybe when TVs are much bigger 1080p will be not enough. It's worth going higher res on tablets/phones though IMO, since they're usually right in your face and you can quite easily tell the difference with higher PPIs.
  12. ninjacatfish

    Razer Blade

    Apple Stores aren't the only people who can repair, there's a fairly extensive network of Apple Authorised Repairers. We even have one out here in the sticks! (Bunbury WA). They do probably charge a bomb though, I've been lucky enough to not need their services yet.
  13. ninjacatfish

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Went a little nuts buying music online last night, but great tunes are great. K.Flay - (self titled) MC Lars & K.Flay - Single and Famous YTCracker and hairetsu - Who Live Like This Also some Steam games over the last few weeks I forgot to mention Doom 3: BFG Edition - $22 Darksiders 2 - $25 Worms Revolution - $15 Worms Reloaded - $5 Got Worms Reloaded on GMG super cheap, but I got it confused with Revolution which was the actual one I wanted <_< GG me And today, pure impulse buy (well I'd been thinking about it a while, but still, decided to grab it today) Beat the Beat: Rhythm Heaven - $58
  14. ninjacatfish

    Razer Game Booster

    I'd say the fact that it's a beta kinda implies it will get updates :P Make sure you report the issue. You can do it from within the client (if you can get that far) or otherwise I'm sure there's a feedback on Razer's website somewhere/
  15. ninjacatfish

    Android or Windows Phone 7/8?!?

    I'd go for a Windows 8 device if it were me. Main reason just being that I've played around with Android a bit, and would be interested to see where Windows does things better or maybe worse. Plus it' really really nice to look at ;P