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    In your newsletters, why do you use this: <td width="20"> </td>To space the left and right columns. It was sloppy when it was commonplace, and that was a while ago now. The reason I ask is in Gmail (no matter the OS or Browser, including on Android) it consistently renders as this:
  2. Sorry to bump, but yeah no devices unknown or disabled in dev manager, it shows up under network adapters as perfectly functional, windows expects to connect via wireless it just can't see any networks. I was hoping there would be some known regional channel thing or some obscure setting that turns off radio and doesn't tell the system. You know, the kind of things you turn to Atomicans for. I tried some alternate antennae even, no love. So next question, apparently I need to contact TP-link to get my card recognised as DOA. Has anyone else had to do this for networking gear to Umart? I'd really rather skip this step because I can't find a local phone number and don't want to make a $15 phone call to possibly be able to return a $25 card. Though I seem to wasting a lot of time on this problem to avoid wasting a little bit of money, don't I? So failing all this, can someone recommend a budget N card that doesn't suck?
  3. I only installed the utility after I couldn't see any networks using Windows wireless config. I've uninstalled it again just in case and still no go :( The drivers on the website seem to be the same version as my disk, but I've tried both anyway, still no.
  4. Our router runs N with a G guest network and I can't spot either.
  5. Hey guys, sorry to end my lurking with a help-me post, but I am bugged. well bugged. I had a flagrant system death and built a pronto new rig, on an Asus P8Z77-M motherboard. Doesn't have wifi so I filled the 1 PCI slot with a TP-Link TL-WN851ND card. Installed Windows 7 Ult x64, and everything runs fine except the card, which seems to be installed but can't detect any wireless networks, either using windows or the tp-link utility. manual and website aren't much help, but I guess no wifi data is being transmitted because the led is flashing slowly. The system is pretty plain, 3 sata devices and the video card and it's not limited to our router, it can't see any of the signals that my underpowered phone antenna can pick u, which makes me doubt conflicts or weird incompatibility with the routers. Before I take it back as a dud though, is there something else I should try? Thank you