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  1. Hey guys, im just in need of some help with a small build im doing tomorrow. Its gunna be for my parents and all they want is a fast pc, but at the same time i don't wanna bottleneck it either. I would like a fast CPU, i5 should be fine for them. And a good SSD and HDD aswell. They mainly use it for browsing the web and paying employees as they work for a business. Also emails aswell. The build would be a full case aswell with PSU, case and be able to use CD's/ DVD's aswell. Any tips would be great, i have looked at Dasa's parts list, just wanting some more reasoning and help before i purchase tomorrow. Cheers Blankjb
  2. blankjb

    120Hz Monitor Help

    Well i play the game at 28 ping which is good so no lag, but its just not a smooth as some other professional players that stream. Keep in mind it is an LCD and not a LED so im not ure if just upgrading to an LED will do the trick but yeah i want a smoother picture, whether it gives the impression it does or not.
  3. blankjb

    120Hz Monitor Help

    Hey guys, i'm just wondering if there is actually a noticeable difference in a 60 Hz monitor to a 120Hz +? The reason for this is that i play the game League of Legends and i run at a capped 60 FPS, using a Benq 2420HD LCD monitor which is quite old. My computer can easily run 100fps ( im using a 7950 Radeon card ) which is what i would like to run at. I see plenty of streamers running at 100 FPS and it seems the game runs smoother than what i play it at. So basically i would like to know if upgrading my monitor to 120Hz IPS monitor will make it play the way the streamers are playing at. Ps. i also heard that the human eye cant notice more than 60 FPS anyways, is this true? Thanks for the future help :) Blankjb
  4. blankjb

    Half Upgrade System

    Ok well im gunna buy the computer upgrade this week. I've decided on these parts but still have a few quick questions - Intel i5 3570K CPU - ATI Radeon 7950HD GPU - ASUS P8Z77-M-PRO Motherboard (is this alright for mainly gaming?) Also I want to get a SSD, but i thinking of buying two 120gb ones. Having the OS on one and having other apps (WoW, LoL) on the other. Any specific recommendations or just get the cheapest 120gb ones? So yeah any last comments are much appreciated :) Cheers
  5. blankjb

    Half Upgrade System

    No problem, I have a i5 2500, a 6870 GPU, and Asrock z68 pro3 MOBO which i actually think has been playing up since i got my computer, 1TB hardrive, Corsair tx650 PSU, 8GB ram. Just the normal gaming setup imo.
  6. Gday guys, im looking at upgrading my PC. Just the CPU, GPU and MOBO. Im thinking the 3570k i5, as im a huge gamer and thats about it, also the 7950 looks alright aswell. Not sure about the motherboard though so any tips are greatly appreciated. Cheers BlankJB
  7. Yea but im going to overclock the CPU and run a livestream at 1080p quality which will increase the temperature of the CPU tend fold and increase the usage of the PSU, also i heard that the MOBO uses a crazy amount of power so yeah i dont want to buy all the stuff then not have enough power to do what i want. As for Dasa, i know that WoW only uses 2-3 cores but ill need more to run livestreams at 1080p so yeah
  8. Hey, well i have an alright build currently but i want to upgrade majorly so that i can stream in 1080p whilst overclocking my CPU, to like 4.5ghz. Current Build Intel i5 2500 CPU AsRock z68 Pro3 MOBO MSI Radeon 6870HD GPU Corsair TX650 PSU G.Skills Ripjaws (2x4GB) RAM Antec DF-85 CASE 1 TB HDD So what i would like to do is upgrade the CPU, MOBO and GPU to some insane stuff. Thinking the Intel Core i7-3930K Hex Core LGA 2011 3.2GHz CPU - $596.00 Asus RAMPAGE-IV-GENE X79 LGA2011pin Motherboard - $319.00 Gigabyte 3GB 7950 PCI-E VGA Card - $409.00 Also couple of my mates said probably to upgrade the RAM, by just chucking in another 8GB, as well as the PSU as it isn't enough power to run what i would like to do. Some information about what ill be doing with the live stream. Firstly i play World of Warcraft which is a game that uses CPU rather than GPU, and i want to be able to stream that in X split at 1080p without any drama's. Wont be able to afford for a couple months but just wanted to see if any of my fellow atomicans can suggest anything wrong/changes i should make. Cheers BlankJB