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    best setup for whole house audio/visual

    Thanks for your response aliali, i have a austel license as part of my cert 3, so i can legally do all the work and yes my training for my data module was ratshit as i had four different teachers within 3 months, my understanding is ok, i just don't have a lot of experience with patch panels and servers etc. I Forgot to mention the house is existing btw. Your answer about the patch panel and switch all makes sense. Plus your server recommendations are very helpful, thank you. My biggest question is how to connect the TV's to the server??
  2. I am moving into a new house with my family and have been asked to setup something where we can watch tv/movies, listen to music and access data all off the one server computer or something else? There will be, 3 computers, 4 tv's, and 4 stereos/AV receievers. One room will consist of a tv, laptop, and stereo One room will consist of a tv, pc, and stereo One room will consist of a tv, pc and stereo One room will consist of a tv and stereo Money is not an issue, Wiring cables thru walls, etc will not be a problem as i am an electrician I want the picture and audio quality to be hi-def and also no lag etc I also want it setup so multiple pc/tvs can access the data at the same time with no lag What I was possibly thinking of was, a server computer setup in the garage with some sort of data rack (for ethernet) and running separate ethernet cables to each pc, and separate ethernet cables to a media centre or similar device? which will then plug into each tv via hdmi Any ideas would be greatly appriciated I also forgot to mention i have a ps3 and a xbox 360 if that helps