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  1. grey g

    iRacing 2.0

    That looks awesome! G
  2. grey g

    [PC] Atomic F1 season... 8!

    Holy crap. Nice gear dude, but.... holy crap. You know by the time you forked out all the cash for all that you'd basically have spent enough to have bought, you know, a real race car lol. G
  3. grey g

    iRacing 2.0

    Awesome set up mate. I like the locking block for the wheelie chair :-) G
  4. grey g

    Star Citizen / Squadrdon 42 - a real PC game

    Thanks for the links Dan. This is looking pretty interesting. G
  5. grey g

    iRacing 2.0

    I predict mayhem at turn 3. A lot of guys know the track from the Mazda Cup and that always caused problems - the skip is even easier to spin there. G
  6. grey g

    iRacing 2.0

    The actual Rolex Sportscar Series was at Lime Rock this weekend, I was watching it on Sunday. Looks like they've changed the track to have a chicane at the bottom of the uphill? The track was looking very crowded too. G
  7. grey g

    iRacing 2.0

    Awesome, can't wait to see how it turns out. I walked the track last year, turn 1 is epically steep, hope it provides the same sense of height. Also.. WOOHOOOOOOOO! Got my first race win at Road Atlanta. Ok, it was in the bottom split, and Ok, I started from P2, but it was the cleanest performance I've ever put in. Blitzed off the start for the first time ever, led into turn 1 and never looked back. Was nailing low 1:39s consistently. Only slightly tarnished by a 2x spin at turn 10 on lap 13. Luckily I had a pretty good gap back to second so it didn't cost me the win. Phew. That was exhausting - never been that tense in a race before! G e: next race was a much higher SOF, came 7th and nearly got as many championship points as I did for the win hehehe. Lap time down to 1:38.4.
  8. grey g

    [PC] Atomic Dirt 3 Championships

    Chomp. Bring it, biatch. G
  9. grey g

    iRacing 2.0

    Impressive times on Road Atlanta kikz, I seem to be hitting 1:40 pretty regularly with the occasional dip into 1:39. I watched a few of your laps and there are parts of the track you are carrying massive amounts of speed compared to me - I think at turn 10 you are on average 15kph faster throughout the turn complex. Every time I try that I end up losing the back end. I like the track though, it's a lot of fun, particularly the section from turn 3 through the Esses. G
  10. grey g

    iRacing 2.0

    You can lift-shift to change gears in the Skip (pro tip: you still need to manual clutch the start or people will ram you in the arse. Trust me on this), even with auto clutch turned off. G
  11. grey g

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    I don't think that helmet is gonna fit, millen :-p G e: also, funniest part of the interview transcript with Alan Jones when taken in isolation - Alan Jones: Where do you want it there? Flouncy: Yeah, yeah, exactly there, yeah /ENDSCHOOLBOYHUMOUR
  12. grey g

    iRacing 2.0

    I mainly went the Skip because it was the only open wheel class in the D category. If you get the car and the series tracks at the same time they give you a reasonable discount. We'll have to try and get in some races together! I missed Mosports last week, looking forward to Road Atlanta, I haven't driven it before. have no idea about the track layout. Anything to be wary of or pearls of wisdom kikz? G
  13. grey g

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Can't wait to seem more guys, what a fantastic opportunity that was! Very jealous. G
  14. grey g

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    oooooOOOOOOOOooooooo! That looks awesome. G
  15. Congrats Slizz and thanks for replay link kikz. G