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  1. four40

    Steam Sale

    Autumn sale grand total, $3.74. My GTA SA DVD is getting a bit scratched up, figured 3.74 was cheap insurance.
  2. four40

    Steam Sale

    I did the same a few weeks ago from GMG. Be warned, it's not as friendly in the start at BL2. Lots of grinding before you can attempt most missions. I managed to get to some guys safehouse and be so under leveled that I cannot used a rocket launcher or complete the boss fight. The game also looks so dreary compared to BL2. Still have excellent NPCs and gameplay.
  3. four40

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Trailer 2 = :0 LS has never looked so good. The most important stuff, the jets and helicopters look awesome.
  4. four40

    Carmageddon [iPad]

    I race to get the best power ups :-D I don't have an iPad, but have been playing the re release from GOG. Still a boatload of fun. Favourite trick, smash a few competitors, hunt for time bonuses, complete all the checkpoints bar one and then go and hunt down remaining pedestrians or racers (which ever I happen to run into first, muh ha ha ha)
  5. four40

    Steam Sale

    QC is just so fluffy!! And Q is the narrator.
  6. four40

    Steam Sale

    A day that I haven't bought any games, YAY. Tomorrows choices had better be good, tis pay day :-)
  7. four40

    Steam Sale

    Mmm summer sales! Might be tempted to pick up a couple of sega classics. Nothing really grabbing my attention in the daily specials today.
  8. four40

    Diablo III

    While I still occasionaly enjoy a good session of D3, it surprises me on how fast the overall interest in the game has dropped off. Then again, it's the nature of us gamers, always looking for the next fix :-) One day the witch doctor will spark my interest enough to play...
  9. four40

    thinking about getting a sound card

    Still getting used to the Xonar D2X. Tried updating to the latest drivers, blue screened the PC. Must of been running the wrong exe. While I wanted to keep my current speakers, the new sound card doesn't quite drive them like I want. Can't get the sound scape set up like the Creative card could (CMSS or something). What's annoying is the lack of range for speakers from my usual online haunts. I'd like to run optical and do away with a lot of cables, let the sound card give a good shout. I'd like to stay with Logitech but open to suggestions.
  10. four40

    Diablo III

    What a weekend! Spent a lot of it chasing up some achievements that I've missed (bloody vendor one was annoying, especially Larra and the dude in the Watch Tower) got a few for crafting and equiping all lvl 25 stuff by accident. Decided to push through more in NM with my sorc, Belial is just as easy in normal as he is in NM. Act 3 had some what the!! moments, but in a good way. Getting smashed by elites, decided to see how I'd fair against Ghom. Turned out he was easy as well. Sitting around 1100 to 1200 DPS, found the vendor on the bridge and he had some good loot. Bought a yellow 1 handed axe, about 115 DPS, which pumped up overall DPS to 1800. Now these a big numbers for me, didn't think I'd be enjoying NM as much as I have. Seigebreaker, walking the dog easy. Got my 2nd legendary drop, armour, heart of stone or some such thing, useless to all my high level characters, my low levels will probably find something better by the time they can use the legendary armour. At least unlocked all stash slots, so I can have a collection of nice but useless legendaries. That's SOP for Diablo games though :-)
  11. four40

    thinking about getting a sound card

    Oops, my bad. Mixed up my port names. Thanks for that
  12. four40

    thinking about getting a sound card

    So after doing a bit of reading about the Xonar D2X and Essence STI, I'm still not sure if I will be able to use my (very) old Logitech X-620 speakers. Current set up is using 3 rca plugs, there is no optical or coax connecters. Speakers have been rock solid, hence why I still have them. Can't justify updating them.
  13. four40

    Theif 4 trailer

    Moar Garret goodness!!! Hope there will be a Benny easter egg. The Thief games are one of a few that I have finished on the hardest difficulty. So sneaksie :-)
  14. four40

    Diablo III hacking debacle

    Please do not take this as fact but...I have heard that the smartphone blizzard authenticator tends to get out of synch. I ended up buying the vasco token authenticator and picked up the 15th anniversary Diablo soundtrack as well. So many memories, :-D
  15. four40

    Diablo III

    Inflation and trying to give death more meaning or make it more of a 'oh shit' experience. Lost equipment durability is nothing. At least in D2, you lost gold and XP.