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  1. jedibob

    First impressions

    Yeah , I'd have to agree the DVD is annoying but I just rip it out , put it in a plastic slim case and file it unless it has useful stuff on it.I used the 3DMark after I replaced my video card to see if there was much improvement. When they bring out a cordless clothes iron that works automatically ( I hate ironing ) and can be used as a mouse too that may be news worthy ;P
  2. jedibob

    First impressions

    OK , OK , I wasn't there at it's inception , I'm a NOOB , I think I started at around Issue 56. ( I don't know because they are my reading material when things are slow at work.) Before that , I was only contemplating a " gaming computer ". I initially started reading PCPP before atomic MPC , my bad , and any other mag reviewing hardware more than just games specific.I found atomic MPC to be the best and awaited it with glee to see what new improvements I could make resulting in a total rebuild more than once.If this was a move towards getting more sales over the original mag , to be different from the others , I believe it was a good move because this is what got it over the line for me in particular. Well , that's my story and possibly similar to many others out there as hawkeye has stated. As long as the reviews and relevant technologies don't head towards smart sewing machines or kitchen appliances and focus on the reasons we do get the mag then I'll continue to get PCTA. Jedi Bob ' May the force be in you '
  3. jedibob

    First impressions

    Hey there, I thought I'd wait a while to see how the new mag stood up against the old version.I must say I don't know if I'll continue my subs , the content is rather broad and I originally subscribed for the gaming specific orientation.Hawkeye has stated that it is a technology mag and laptops , phones and other urban appliances are part of current & future technologies.The software bench marking has it's uses and can help confirm good or not so good choices.I am also glad that the A-list was seperated from all individual items to include the grouped Gaming PC of old , well done!! I haven't found that the placement of each writers section has detracted from the flow of the magazine.I did initially believe that the ' Atomic ' content would be like a sealed section devoted to gamers but obviously this is not the case. Is there a possibility of a ' head to head ' of both generic and gaming tech to satisfy the ordinary person and gamers? I am aware the mag is in constant evolution to satisfy readers and hopefully it will continue strive to be exceptional not acceptible to the gaming community.
  4. jedibob

    MOBO Query

    Hello fellow Atomicans , Although my desktop PC runs alright at the moment , with the advent of new games coming out and a decent monitor , I was interested in doing an upgrade in the near future. I am looking at going from an AMD X6-1090T chip to the Intel i7-3770K using a Corsair H100i cooler. Other hardware is a 120GB RevoDrive , Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium and running with twin GPU's instead of the single I am using now. My case is an Antec 1200 v2 with an Antec Truepower 750W PSU and I am currently using a motherboard GA-890FXA-UD7 which is full. My question is what motherboard has room for all this with the best use of two cross-fired graphics cards. I am a little confused with the PCIe_x16 slots running at different values as stated on the technical information on the motherboards. Do motherboards that have PCIe x16 slots with PCIe x16_1~2 stay at x16 even if you use the x8 slots for other items as usually they are paralleled. If this is the case , would it be better to get a Solid State Drive that doesn't use a PCIe slot and also use onboard sound? Ultimately as a gamer I want something that has good graphics with a good frame rate.At the moment I don't do any MMO's or anything online apart from Steam ( i.e. SKYRIM ). Price is relative to performance and quality , so a card up to $350 is the limit. If some one could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. JeDiBoB
  5. jedibob

    SKYRIM Shutdowns

    It has come up with ' Skyrim - error 51 ' a few times which I believe is a start up error.When it does crash and I restart the game it comes up with a panel to ask if I have been playing on another PC which I haven't.
  6. jedibob

    SKYRIM Shutdowns

    To all those who responded , thank you. I've checked on Steam and all updates are current and all graphics drivers for my GPU are updated. I haven't modded the game as off yet and probably won't until I fix this problem. I have tried to play the game off-line incase it was a Steam Cloud issue but it does it offline also. Sometimes I can play 10 hours without a problem then it happens every 10 minutes. I've also tried dropping the graphics to LOW but it looks shit. I'm considering upgrading my GPU to a GTX670 or HD7950. If anyone does come up with a fix that would be great.
  7. jedibob

    SKYRIM Shutdowns

    Hello fellow gamers , This is a question to those playing SKYRIM on PC. I have tried playing off-line and on Steam Cloud but I have a problem where the game closes down back to the desktop page when I go near Hag's End Cave or Frostlight Lighthouse.I can't fast travel to these places but I can to a location near by but when I head to either location the game suddenly dissappears.Someone suggested a dragon maybe trying to spawn in the area and there is a glitch. Hoping some one can enlighten me. JediBob
  8. jedibob

    The Witcher 3

    Just finished playing ' The Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings ' for the second time following Iorveth's and Roche's Paths.At the end it leaves it open for Geralt to go south. Has anyone heard if CD Project Red are making a third game?
  9. jedibob

    Modding Issue

    Nah!! I'm just looking for a 'display only' not any knobs or dials for fan control.I was just interested in the temperature being displayed via my case not through the monitor whilst using my desktop computer.Thanks anyway.
  10. jedibob

    Atomic KITLOG

    True , I had to mess around to find RAM to fit under the Noctua cooler.I am thinking about getting the Corsair low profiles to replace my Patriots. Next build will be with an Antec Kuhler H2O 920 or Corsair H80. Looks like I opened a can of worms with this Intel vs AMD , so let's go fishing!! Readers are going to either hate or love AMD CPU's and as for one mag dedicated to each , you might sell more mags ( $$$ ).I went AMD as at the time it was the best "Bang for a Buck" scenario. My previous motherboard bit the dust and my CPU was an AMD also. MSY has the Plantronic 780's at $85 also and you don't have to haggle. As a parting note , the mag can only get better.
  11. Hello fellow Atomicons, I was having a look around the Net for a stand alone temperature display for a 5.25" bay with around 3 seperate display values. I'm not particularly interested in controlling fans but it would be good to be able to measure the temperatures.I have a G15 keyboard which displays CPU , GPU & RAM usage ( I think ) as a percent but not temperatures , as there aren't any thermocouples connected.Any info would be appreciated.
  12. jedibob

    Atomic KITLOG

    Thanks for all your input into the discussion. In response to the Intel vs AMD debate , I am aware that the Kitlog covers different niches but I believed it would be informative to know what comparative CPU / Motherboards for each one would be.As it is , my next rebuild will be an Intel i7 chip and associated motherboard unless AMD come up with a better chip at a better price which they generally do. In response to the Top 5 issue , I agree other mags do something similar but I switched to Atomic because I thought it was better and a more informative mag for gamers.The concept was similar to the Head to Head but comparing the top components based on price and performance in an issue.This would include other peripheral hardware not just motherboards and graphics cards.Also items which may have scored highly previously might be scored lower due to newer better quality / priced products.
  13. jedibob

    Atomic KITLOG

    I was looking through some past issues of Atomic and notice in the Kitlog area , they did a listing of components in each category for Intel and AMD CPU's.Using information and ratings from Atomic MPC in 2009-10 , I built my system around the AMD Athlon II X6 1090T chip which has worked out well but as ' The Perfect PC ' chops and changes to and from the Intel chips , I believe it would help builders if both chips were used in the Kitlogs. Another item which I think would be beneficial to readers would be a periodic Top 5 Components of each variety ( i.e. GPU , CPU , MOBO , Keyboard , Mouse , Mouse Pad , Audio Card , Speakers , Headphones & Coolers )