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    Weird freezing

    The best i could find is Standard test suitesCPU tests Mathematical operations, compression, encryption, SSE, 3DNow! instructions and more2D graphics tests Drawing lines, bitmaps, fonts, text, and GUI elements3D graphics tests Simple to complex DirectX 3D graphics and animationsDisk tests Reading, writing and seeking within disk filesMemory tests Allocating and accessing memory speed and efficiency Link from there website here.. Truthfully, i have no idea what i'm looking for.
  2. ilyria109

    Weird freezing

    Ok so reinstalled DirectX. SFC said no errors, BurnIn test still confuses me, It wont crash if i do just "2D+ 3D graphics" or "CPU", but if i do 2/3d and "video playback" for instance it will, same with CPU + RAM, or 2d/3d + CPU.
  3. ilyria109

    Weird freezing

    Ive been doing stress tests all day with BurnInTest, at first the problem seemed to occur sporadically with the stress, but i think im starting to narrow it down, running SFC now, will probably do a combofix/revo run later as well, will keep yas posted, keep coming with your advice :D
  4. ilyria109

    Weird freezing

    Installed HD2000/3000 drivers before installing the graphics card, then installed, Ive reinsalled the drivers for the card 3 times. Im running win 7 How do i reinstall directX seperately? ok, ALL games. Tried with all my steam profile games and 3 MMOs No, was kinda keeping that for a last resort type thing. Looks like i might have to. Could this be CPU related? Ive never seen this problem before, and it seems that i've replaced everything else that could be wrong, or perhaps PSU could be old and its doing this out on load? Just feels like i've already practically changed over the whole computer :(
  5. issue I have this issue where my computer will suddenly freeze at specific times. I see vertical lines, usually a dark colour, followed by whatever colour the background is supposed to be at the time. Typically I get these lock ups when i'm in full screen and alt+tab a few times (like watching a movie or playing a game) or if Im in a game and have to zone(such as waypoints or switching characters on diablo 3, or using portal/hearthstone or joining group on WoW). Also i get this if i try to retrieve windows rating (it will be blue and black vertical lines). This issue started before many upgrades Computer specs and history I was just running this computer very basic when this problem first started occurring. i3-2100 MSI OEM board 8GB 1333 ram 650W 650W Gold seasonic modular PSU and 500gb HDD What I've tried At first i just assumed it was onboard, as there was no graphics card and it seemed like the most viable option, so i replaced the motherboard with a gigabyte H77 (or H75 i think) and installed a HD6870 that i had laying around that i never actually installed, so technically brand new. Ive done Windows Memory diagnostic, Active@ Hard disc monitor, and both showing up with no problems, I tried taking out a stick of ram at a time and switching them, Re-seating everything including CPU, updated HD2000/3000 graphics, aswell as every other driver i could find. Event Log doesnt seem to think there's an issue, only coming up with a log when i reset at power. Now im broke and without a working computer so please help :(
  6. ilyria109

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    You just like to fart more don't ya! :P
  7. ilyria109

    Well THAT was frustrating!

    I recommend you a book, "how to win friends and influence people" It taught me more than courses and reps did about sales, and yes, more to the point of positivity. It's unfortunate how I go into a Dick Smith, or a Harvey Norman, or JBHIFI etc. and they're more push and demand. And salesmen will quite readily get into an argument with you when you point out a difference in opinion, I don't consider that salesmanship.
  8. ilyria109

    Well THAT was frustrating!

    I'm actually gonna support you in this MS. I come from a retail background, selling phones, tablets, laptops etc etc. Consistently sales reps come in, trying to get a few more sales for their products, and every so often, they'll even organise training for them. The company I worked for, even hooked everyone up with a certificate IV in retail (sales). Unfortunately we never completed it because we closed down. Through the CERT IV You get told many things about sales, more often than not, how to actually sell, you also learn how to pick up on someone just blowing a technique at you when you're trying to buy something, and just want an answer about such and such product. Anyway, we learned very quickly how reps would try and sell their products to us. And they'd do it properly, E.G "What does "a" product/brand have that "b" doesn't?" " 'b' is a much better product for "x" audience, see /whips out personal 'b'. "but our product ('a') works better for audience 'z' Apple trained us once, and once only. We'd ask a question, and get a "bow down to apple" response. We'd ask a situational question, like the one above, and get a "everything else is shit, look how good my apple is." The funny thing is, the guy didn't even work for apple, he was kind of like the CERT IV instructor, but that's how he tried to get us to sell Apple, by giving them some sort of glorification. After I lost that job, I got approached by apple on Seek, and asked them to go into their group seminar they had about their new store opening up in Canberra. They were a little different. But only in the way that they didn't touch up on the products all that often, but they sure did drop mentions of them at random. The seminar went as follows : our company is awesome, look at all the cool stuff we do > who has apple products/familiarise with them? > lets look at other cool things our company does > who loves apple? > show more things about apple > do a group exercise > leave and get 1x free song voucher from iTunes. I keep a level head about technology, I know what is superior and what isn't, fondly enough it's generally subjective. I received an email back from apple with a general outline of what happened, and who was successful, I wasn't. But those who expressed interest in ONLY apple, and practically shunned everything else got a job. Out of the 25 people that were in their, only 2 got in, one was still in UNI, and the other has never worked a day in his life, and got to this through his centerlink duties ( he was my partner for group exercises) TL;DR, You're right, if involved in apple, you better be fanboyish. EDIT: Sorry about the big wall of text.
  9. ilyria109

    Beauty Vs Brains

    Sometimes I think it would be nice to be blissfully ignorant. I put in the pole lose IQ for 1 point. But after a couple of days thought, I really don't know. What i mean by blissfully ignorant:
  10. ilyria109

    Beauty Vs Brains

    Or you could do what everyone else does with it, such as pointing out intellectual flaws in peers, amirite?
  11. ilyria109

    2013 Top 10 Gaming Latops

    And Horize are Seldom in the reviews, I'd like to see one in a top 10.
  12. ilyria109

    Show us your Rig

    I like how you've managed to keep everything neat, good job man.
  13. ilyria109

    What's on your mind?

    Sorry dude, but just grow some balls. Walk up, talk to her, ask her how she feels, you don't even need to admit anything if you don't want to. It's the only way to find out.
  14. Seriously te0p. Get smart. Oh you so punny, I love you :)