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  1. grendo

    check this out

    wow this is really nice
  2. grendo

    My 3D Stuff

    wow, nice stuff
  3. grendo

    basketballfreak6's photos

    This is some culture, don't see much of it here:(
  4. grendo

    Antraman's Photos

    Beautiful shot, nice bird to.
  5. grendo

    Genisis X's photos

    Awesome quality, I like it a lot :)
  6. grendo

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Yay, some guy in a jet killing everybody on the map without shooting (even in tanks)
  7. grendo

    Steam Specials Thread

    So checking it out
  8. grendo

    PC RPG Mods

    The game itself looks nice to.
  9. grendo

    Diablo III

    I love it when people under-price :)