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  1. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    Just realised how strong offlane slardar is from watching Moo play it. I'm still ok with this patch Also, i hit 4k mmr yesterday, which is pretty cool
  2. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    I don't know you're right about xboct, he had a tough period, but he played really well in that game today and has been performing at his best with the help of sonneiko VP will probably make it a fair way through though
  3. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    ArtStyle is me level of bad when it comes to playing dazzle. I really wish na'vi could have a captain that was both listened to and good. I expected CDEC to win, but that series was a stomp. Most of the other stuff was pretty much as expected. I like that VP are getting silencer first-phase banned even when the opposition picks nothing countered by him, it's good to see the hero being so well played by them that it's a threat.
  4. awesome. I'll look into it
  5. I've not got a case or psu, but i might try and get an old one and do that. Moving the disk from qcow2 to a real hard drive will be a pain though
  6. I've recently obtained an i7-2600k with an asrock extreme4-m z77, and was wondering if that would be an improvement over the i5-4690 with msi b85-43 i have currently. Both would be running with 16gb RAM and a bequiet dark rock 2. The pc is used for gaming (mostly DotA and UT4) and virtualisation (ubuntu testing VMs and a buildd for tanglu). So would putting the older chip in be worthwhile since it can OC and has hyperthreading
  7. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    I still play lycan every few days, rat dota is too fun
  8. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    MoM is super situational. If they have decent nukes, you will die instantly, always. A bkb and basher build is ok, but you have to end earlier since the BF is needed to farm well and scale for the late game.
  9. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    I played for 10 hours straight today, mistakes were made. Won 3 of 11 games and got 2 games of LP. http://www.dotabuff.com/players/229704714
  10. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    MS with the next level antimage support strats ;) nah, he's right I don't know why you guys keep bashing 4-stacks. In 4k mmr land they are fun. http://www.dotabuff.com/matches/1392847200
  11. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    I think you re-installed dota
  12. Most of the top brands coolers are comparable (only a few degrees and decibels difference). I just bought a evga 970 of amazon for $450 and its working great. When you go to buy the card, it's length (and therefore case compatibility) should be listed, but if you have no needed for the longer ones, an itx sized card might be better as it gives you room to change PC size later
  13. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    I watch enough pro games that i see the builds there and how to use them. I'll check datdota for rarer heros, and i don't really trust the heros that aren't in CM, so the lack of guides for them isn't really an issue.
  14. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    Since this is the "complain about matchmaking" thread, Can people please learn that top rated guides are not necessarily good? MoM beastmaster is not a thing. Also, i'm making a new account because i made the mistake of playing offlane morph in ranked and lost 200mmr. Doesn't sound like much, but the skill gap is huge, and i'm pretty sure i'd be calibrated at >3k on a new account
  15. noskcaj

    Dota 2

    Troll could be nerfed by a cooldown on his q, but i think giving him mana problems or making is ult non-global is more likely. Sniper will probably be a shapnel nerf.