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  1. bastian

    Running a Dedicated Server.

    Okay, awesome, you guys are really helpful! I appreciate it. With multiple servers becoming more tedious to deal with as you get more, is that because I would have multiple servers running the same world instance? To solve this couldn't I just make each new server run its own 'shard' and then just update them all at the same time? I'm not sure if I just missed it earlier but I don't actually know what UDP and TCP are? Also I really appreciate all the help you guys are giving me and I hope you guys can still help me understand how to do this more as well, but a lot of what you guys are saying I've never heard before. Is there somewhere on the internet you guys can take me where I can read up on servers in more layman's terms and that way I don't have to ask you guys what everything means but rather I'll be able to get more experience based information from you guys instead of, you know "what's a UDP?" (herp!) I'm looking forward to it actually!
  2. bastian

    Leviathan: Warships

    What's the game like? I saw the trailer and thought it was interesting but didn't really look into it. Is it like a strategy game but you only control the ships? Is it real time?
  3. bastian

    Running a Dedicated Server.

    Okay cool, Thanks for explaining that for me that made perfect sense. The web services you started to mention like soap and jason are they software or coding languages that are used to communicate with the server or something completely different? And would there be any downsides to making the server cloud based straight off the bat?
  4. bastian

    Running a Dedicated Server.

    You hit the nail on the head, I blew right past the baby steps! Thanks for tugging on my collar. :) And yeah WoW and Diablo were just examples. Hehe I don't have 300 friends either! To clarify a little more, yes I am planning on making my own game and wanted to make it an MMOaRPG which is why I'm asking about the dedicated servers. Thanks for the help and info! Keep it coming if more comes to mind. "From an architectural point of view your game software would simply expose "services" such as web services of whatever your flavour is, or down to raw sockets." Could you elaborate on this kikz? I don't quite understand what you mean.
  5. I've been researching servers, specifically larger dedicated servers, and a lot of the sources I've been to mention that I would need Ubuntu or another open source OS to run the server but they also say that I would need to know how to work the terminal. I was just wondering if I wanted to get the most out a server used for say hosting an MMO's shards would I need an OS or is the terminal sufficient? or if not Which open source OS would be best for that sort of thing?
  6. bastian

    Running a Dedicated Server.

    So I'm doing software design & development classes at school. Mainly to learn how to make games from the physical standpoint (paperwork and planning sort of stuff) and it's kind of inevitable that I'm going to be making games in the future. I have a heap of questions but mainly for today I was wondering if anyone out there knew what it took to run and integrate a game into a dedicated server. It came up in class when I was talking to my teacher about online games and he mentioned that I would need a dedicated server for that sort of thing. I'm talking like WoW servers but on a much smaller scale. So instead of hundreds of servers each with 4000 player cap I'm thinking more along the lines of just one server with maybe 1000-2000 if the game gets popular most likely split into smaller 200 pop cap servers. Is this sort of thing achievable on rented servers or would I need to build my own? If I did have to build my own what would I need and how would I do it? Which would be better? Renting or "Home Grown"? There are also things like loggins to account for. I've thought about localization as well but I kind of just want to know what it takes to run one server before I start talking about multiple servers all over the place. If it depend on what sort of game I'm talking about. How big of a server would you need to play Diablo with 300 of your friends? Also a lot of the google result I've fallen upon have been for storage or web servers, or running servers for specific games like TF2. I re-read that article on setting up a home server from an old Atomic issue as well. These aren't really the things I'm looking for, are they? I thought I'd need something much bigger?
  7. bastian

    HoN - I'll scratch your back?

    Well I've played dota 2 a little and I looked up comparisons between HoN and Dota cause they are similar and a lot of people were saying HoN was better. I don't have anything against dota 2 the only thing that really sold me on HoN was the Australian servers (apparently). Thanks xnatex for the help too :D
  8. bastian

    What's on your mind?

    What happened to cravats and how can we bring them back?
  9. bastian

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I bought an Alto Saxophone as my 1st instrument ever, starting to get the hang of it and it's the best thing I've ever bought.
  10. bastian

    HoN - I'll scratch your back?

    Is there anyone out there who is willing to teach me how to play HoN, I come from a heavy LoL background and since HoN is more like Dota and I suck at Dota I figured I need some help. I haven't made an account yet so if you want you can give me your username too and I'll place you as my referral. I don't know what benefits you will get but I figure it might be worth some of the trouble. Or just be a poopy head and link me some guides that I can read up on, that will work too. It just won't be as fun and we won't become best friends.
  11. bastian

    Headphone Upgrade - Need Help

    Thanks for the help and support guys! I'll definitely look into your suggestions.
  12. At the moment I am using a pair of Razer Electra headphones. They are worn out now and falling apart so I'm looking to upgrade to some new headphones. Please give suggestions for what you recomend. Some guidlines of what I'm looking for are below. No 7.1 speakers. I dont have the audio card to run that sort of thing. It needs to have a mic inbuilt. I wear glasses all the time so headphones that sit comfortably for long play time is what I am looking for as most headphones press my ears into my glasses and they become sore after an hour. I mostly play League of Legends and RPG's like Skyrim and Baldur's Gate so it doesn't need to have enhanced base for kickass explosions that you find in FPS's but I would still like good audio quality. I'm not subjective or biased of any brands so any suggestion is welcome. And finally I'm looking at a price range between $60-$120 (aus). I might be willing to go over a tiny bit if there is good reason. If you do help me out with suggestions please give me a link to somewhere were I can purchase it as well.
  13. bastian

    New Monitor

    That last one does look good, its not extremily urgent so I guess I can save up for it.
  14. bastian

    New Monitor

    I'm looking to buy a new monitor for my gaming rig. It has to be below $200 (shipping included) and it will mainly be used for gaming. I'm looking for something between 21- 24in and it needs to be HD or use a HDMI as well. At the moment I am looking at this one I would really appreciate suggestions for the best monitor I can get that meets these requirements.