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  1. I am thinking of getting this 11n router: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16833146005 I spent an hour looking at 802.11n routers and I think the WD My Net N900 HD Dual-Band Router might be the best bet, since it was designed specifically to accelerate movies, video and gaming. I found this pr from them http://wdc.com/en/company/pressroom/releas...5e-81097f2b8d3f They mention “The exclusive FasTrack Plus technology provides intelligent, real-time traffic prioritization for simultaneous HD and 3D media streaming and online gaming.” So what is this FasTrack Plus really doing? Is this something that other routers do?
  2. Thanks for the input. Yeah, it looks like it is best to wait in order to buy 802.11ac till they start having Wifi Certified routers. Concerning clients, does anyone know if the iPhone5 will be 11ac? I think I will get a 802.11n router, till I am ready for 11ac.
  3. I am looking at getting Wifi for our house and what I am thinking is that if I am going to do that then I should get the fastest Wifi I can get. Looks like the fastest are the new 802.11ac routers. Read the 802.11ac certification won’t be issued till early 2013, yet I am seeing 802.11ac on the market claiming they are 802.11ac – even though they can’t be ‘Wi-Fi CERTIFIED’ since the 11ac certification hasn't started yet. I have read some reviews of these first 802.11ac products, and they mention that they are based on a first draft of the 802.11ac spec, and might have some performance issues with products that are based on the final 802.11ac spec The ‘Wi-Fi CERTIFIED’ certification makes sure that the devices will be function correctly and be fully compatible with other 11ac products, at least that is my understanding. This article goes into detail about it: http://pusz4frog.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/...-a-11ac-router/ From what I can tell, it is best to wait on 802.11ac, since I have waited this long, another 6 month shouldn’t kill me, right? Should I wait till early next year to buy an 802.11ac router, or get an 802.11n router now?
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    Well, I didn't think this would be my first post, but this caught my eye and I got to say - $16 trillion is just too much. I wish we would just stop our wars and stop trying to be the world's police force. There are so many issues we need to deal with, and the people in government is just interested in winning the next popularity contest (election). Two years ago the US debt was 'only' $13 Trillion - 3 trillion in 2 years - WOW!! This article offered some advice which I thought was interesting: http://pusz4frog.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/...ible-solutions/