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  1. Hey all, I am kinda new to over clocking and just have a few basic questions. My system: x58a-ud3r i7 950 H80 liquid cooling 3x2Gb Mushkin enhanced blackline gtx 560 128Gb ssd main drive When I started my O/C adventure i had alot of failure to boot etc etc. So i had my missus make spread sheet of all results, all settings etc etc and have ended up at this point: BCLK 180 cpu x 23 mem x10 giving me cpu 4.14Ghz and mem at 1.8Ghz. The system seems stable under prime 95, intel burn and everything else I have tried. cpu cores not exceeding 80 deg c and all volts below manufacturers maximums. However my benchmark results fail to thrill me. I am only overclocking simply because its there. I game a bit but nothing that is really stressing my machine. However this is my everyday comp. So for long term, sustained use is my current over clock level ok? will it reduce the life span of the cpu or anything else? My second question is about benchmarking. What are ppl using, what do ya'll recommend. Preferably something I can compare too etc. I am more intresed in general perfomance than cpu or graphics specific. Thirdly what would ya'll single out as the bottle neck in my system, hardware wise? I am looking at ram, is that where I'll make the biggest gains for the least coin? I know my aims are very vague sorry, but I just wanna make some pretty numbers etc lol If you need a more detailed account of bios settings (volts, multipliers etc etc) pls ask. my missus isn't about atm so I can't pinch em from the spread sheet but can go get em from bios if it helps. On that note is there an easy way to copy your exact bios settings to txt file or similar? I understand that benchmarking is realy aimed at you changing settings and see what your results are etc however I just want an idea of what ball park I am in compared to othes ;) Thank for any help -Andrew-