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    Pulled the trigger R9 280X

    Congrats on your purchase. How did you find in game performance compared to your old card? What are you going to do with your 7870? Here are the AMD recommendations: http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/P...ATIProduct.aspx It's generally suggested that you obliterate any trace of your old video card. Last time I even went thru the registry but I don't find that this is necessary.
  2. buwan

    Eyefinity fail

    Sapphire 7870. I tried using various monitors, ports and adaptors and certain now that I got a dud. It just seems like it's working like a passive adaptor not an active. Can anyone recommend a dp to hdmi active adaptor? Hard to find one locally.
  3. Just bought an active displayport to hdmi adaptor but I can still only work 2 out of 3 monitors at a time. Any ideas on what I can try before I send it back for a replacement?
  4. buwan

    Why so much processing power?

    All the processing power is simply MDM : Marketing Driven Madness. People don't need a reason to buy a new device every 9-12 months unless of course someone asks them. Then they can say "but its so much faster" or "the screen is bigger / prettier" or "this one comes in hot pink". Then they don't have to admit that all they use their phone for is Angry Birds and selfies and any apps they use could be programmed to run on something with less computing power of a C64. Same reason why a company won't release a popular app to run on older / cheaper hardware. The PC industry has been going through this for a fair while when the main reason for buying a new system is just bitcoin mining or increasing your 3d mark score.
  5. buwan

    Nvidia multi screen

    Do you suggest these because of the extra ram? What about a 4G GTX 670? Now I can run Battlefield 3 on medium quality with ultra textures could a 670 handle this?
  6. I am new to the green camp. What do you recommend as a minimum Nvidia card for 5760x1080 with bezel correction?
  7. This. Next gen video cards are needed primarily for benchmarking. Games are so far behind hardware by the time there are a decent amount of titles to push the hi end 700 and 8000 cards the 900 and 10000 models will be on the shelves. Developers will probably be aiming at WiiU specs. I think my next video card purchase will just be another 7 series for crossfire.
  8. I see Sapphire are bringing out a 7870 XT based on the Tahiti LE architecture. Surprise for me because I didn't think any other manufacturers were bothering to make them. Too late for me by a few weeks. Anyone interested or can everyone wait for the 8x series?
  9. buwan

    AMD 7950 or 7870?

    I wanted the 7950 then saw some 12.11 benchmarks and decided I couldn't justify the extra expense over the 7870. My system is getting on a bit so when I get my next one it gives me the option of crossfire or otherwise it will last me till the next significant increase in card performance. I like driving games and 5760 x 1080 will be the highest res I will be running. Was really keen on the Tahiti LE (7950 crossfire option) card but had trouble sourcing any. Then I saw the 7870 I was after for a good price mid Dec and jumped on it. The way I see it the money I save buying cheap towards the end of this gens cycle will be the money I can put towards another card or my future gen upgrade.
  10. buwan

    Crossfire Questions

    This is no longer the case with crossfire. Each card will run at its own speed independent of the other. Lower specced cards seem to be more prone to microstutter when using crossfire. compatible card chart http://sites.amd.com/PublishingImages/Publ...Chart_1618W.jpg
  11. buwan

    Price of FPS

    Looking at the techpowerup benchmarks for the Never Settle drivers. LARGEST difference was 6 FPS less at 27.6 FPS (I am assuming this is averaged) No AA 16xAF for Batman Arkham City with the slower card. Crysis had 3 FPS less at 16.1 FPS. None of the results really seemed vast enough to go from non playable to playable. I guess I was just expecting more of a performance increase from one model to the next.
  12. Just comparing frame rates between video cards at higher resolutions the law of diminishing returns hit me and I found it harder to justify spending more $ for a smaller frame rate increase. Obviously with a higher resolution frame rates are going to drop and so the differences in frames at say 2560x1600 will never be as huge as at 1920x1200. Still, if you look at a 3 screen resolution I find it hard to justify spending $75 more on a video card for a 6 FPS increase. Of course this does include an extra gig of VRAM which may give you the opportunity to increase effects but with 6 FPS speed difference I find it hard to believe the card will have enough horsepower to make the most of the added frame buffer. So my question to you is am I missing something? Will something come back and bite me in the tail in a years time and make me wish I had splashed out on the next card up? Finally how many dollars would you spend per frame at your chosen resolution before you feel you are not getting value for money? (for example $8 per frame @ 2560*1600) :)
  13. A single 7970 isn't powerful enough to make the 6 Gb worthwhile and its loud. It would be interesting to see it crossfired with 6 eyefinity monitors but I doubt you would notice any difference between 3 Gb and 6Gb as each card would still have 6Gb to play with. The res you would need for the ram to come in to play would mean you would have to dial down the effects to keep a decent frame rate. You would also struggle to find games that support the ultra high resolutions that are high enough so 6Gb makes a difference.There is a review on Toms Hardware.
  14. Thanks for the replys guys, I am leaning towards Eyefinity (I like the Codemasters racing games). Desktop realestate shouldnt be a problem because I have a desk that should be able to fit all 3 monitors. Just need to find a bargain 7950 and active display port adaptor :)