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    tafe, diploma of software development

    hurro, thought i might follow up for anyone is still interested, just sorting through bookmarks and stumbled on this thread. i enrolled in systems development in 2012 then took a diploma in programming online a short while after as i was studying programming in my spare time anyway. at the moment i’m enrolled at queensland university of technology part-time using the credits from the completed diplomas and doing some engineering/design work for energex... i can vaguely remember but i think the first assessment for the programming diploma was a C# assessment (WPF form for a small business) then some database project. i recommend thoroughly learning the fundamentals of C#, java, any OOP before beginning the diploma, i began with bob tabers C# fundamentals then signed up for learnvisualstudio.net sometime later… free tutorial made everything much easier. hope that helps
  2. cornedbeef

    tafe, diploma of software development

    thank you for the replies/apologies for the very late response, forgot account pass and the course was withdrawn; decided to take computers systems engineering then to decide midway whether to continue to university. yes smakme, poison are correct… better to start with fundamentals first/begin with a cert 3; from what I learnt, most people studying at tafe last year with little knowledge quit, teachers apparently weren’t very good and they rushed through most of the knowledge critically needed. a friend of mine instead decided to study a dual degrees it/law and is finding it easier than tafe, her bach degree (queensland university of technology) has the option of starting from the very basics
  3. considering studying a diploma of software development at tafe next year. i have little knowledge of programming; apart from what i've studied independently the last few months (fundamentals of C#) and the entry requirements prefer a "ICA40511 Certificate IV in IT - Programming." i've contacted tafe by phone and email on the matter and received different answers. if anyone is currently studying/completed studying this course recently or know of anyone who has, any advice on the level of knowledge appropriate would be appreciated. thank you