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  1. Mock-up picture or not, I think it looks brilliant! hope they go with that design.
  2. Here is out it is meant to look: I think Samsung have gone back to the Galaxy S2 roots for the design of the Galaxy S4. The more square edges certainly look alot better than the rounded Galaxy S3 edges. CNET Source: Samsung Electronics is set to unveil the Galaxy S4 smartphone at a March 15 event. The successor to Samsung's Galaxy S flagship franchise will begin selling in early April, according to the report, which cited an unnamed source. Samsung, meanwhile, remained mum on the timing of the launch. "We don't comment on rumors or speculation," said a Samsung representative. There's increasing interest in the launch of the next Galaxy S smartphone, which Samsung has built up as a worthy rival to Apple's iPhone franchise. The Galaxy S3 landed with all of the attention of an Apple launch, and the anticipation over the Galaxy S4 is expected to be even higher. The fan site's report has the invitations coming out after Mobile World Congress, which kicks off in the last week of February. As with previous launches, the Galaxy S4 would launch in Europe and Asia before the end of April, the fan site said, while the Americas, Australia, and Africa will get the phone around May or June. The Galaxy S3 launched in the U.S. months after its debut, partly due to carrier testing and scheduling needs. So for us Aussies, exactly 12 months after the release of the Galaxy S3, we will be blessed with the Galaxy S4.
  3. Here, here, I am not a spammer! Back on topic, we have to give Sony a little credit, the Xperia does look very pretty! There are official release videos on YouTube of the NFC feature in action with a Sony TV and it looks like it works well, however I am sure to make the most of NFC you will need a Sony branded TV! Edit: looks like the transfer rate of NFC is 424kbit/s, so maybe not so great at streaming video to the TV.
  4. Here is a video of it being dipped into water at CES: I didn’t expect it to be that great against water. When I first heard it was waterproof, my initial thoughts were, that yeah it might withstand being in the rain for a little bit. I honestly did not expect it to be this good. There is talk that you can take the phone into the shower with you! The Xperia Z and the ZL certainly do look pretty, however I feel that it does not feature anything really out of the ordinary. However saying this, the iPhone 5 is the same and it sells like hot cakes. Maybe the look, feel and waterproof feature of the Xperia Z will be enough for it to make Sony some serious sales. Specs: • 5-inch, 1080p screen • Bravia Engine 2 • 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad-Core CPU • 2GB of RAM • 16Gb of storage space • 146 grams total weight • 13MP camera with Sony’s “next generation” Exmor RS sensor and HDR video capture • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean • MicroSD expandable. (Surprised it isn’t some new Sony format or Memory Stick Duo!) The Xperia Z is the one to go for, as it is the model to pack the waterproof feature. The ZL is like the diet version. Looks like a March release date, and Sony have said the price to be $749AUD for the Xperia Z. Silver Lotto Who has tried this? http://www.letsplayonlineroulette.com/revi...tem-review.html
  5. Telstra has announced yesterday that it now carries the new 8X from HTC, another smartphone on the market to feature Windows Phone 8 operating system. The cheapest pricing plan for the HTC 8X comes in at the common $60 per month bracket like most Telcos and most other new model smartphones on the market. I've done a few digging around online about the HTC 8X and here are some of the commonly known pitfalls and good bits: Good looking smartphone Rounded edges to make it look thinner than it actually is Solid feel to it Does not have an amazing camera like the Lumia 920 No voice recognition software like Siri (Windows Phone 8 limitation) Non-removable battery! One big downfall, but not limited to this phone is that it seems voice recognition like Siri and whatever the Android equivalent is, is missing from Windows Phone 8 (correct me if im wrong). Given the vibrant colours of the Lumia 920 and the 8X, it wont be surprising to see some lawsuits fly by! Has anyone placed an order for their HTC 8X or is the HTC 8X mobile phone not enticing enough to upgrade or change brands?
  6. adamgray

    Lumia 900 Hammer Test

  7. adamgray

    Lumia 900 Hammer Test

    Wonder if the Nokia Lumia 920 is just as good/strong or if Nokia skimmped on some of the quality is some ways. I can't believe the popularity of the Lumia 920 though, Telstra pre-orders sold out online within the day... almost as quick as the iPhone 5!
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    ipad mini

    Yup - the 4G LTE runs at a different frequency on the new iPad. This has been rectified in the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, they are now 4G LTE Australia compatible.
  9. adamgray

    ipad mini

    Interesting post on the iPad Mini, basically saying it is double the price of any of its 7" rivals. The post claims the iPad mini will sell due to emotional attachement to Apple products. I wouldnt be surprised if this might be the case. Or maybe the dual cameras might be what sells the iPad Mini in the end?
  10. adamgray

    PSA: Galaxy S3's $549 @ Kogan

    Kogan is back at it again, the Samsung Galaxy S3 16gb unlocked is now for only for $499 dollars. Must be getting rid of them to make way for S3 4G? Don't you hate it though, only two months after the other release. The price of the Kogan Samsung Galaxy S3 makes me wonder what is the point of mobile plans, like the one from Telstra which currently charge $67 per month for their Samsung Galaxy S3. If you do the maths, then you will see which is the better value for money. Edit: Got the price wrong!