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  1. 'Sif I'd wanna go to any meet you were at. Last time we got together you made me eat spicy dumplings. :D I'm pretty sure that's a euphemism... *checks*... yep, euphemism. I'll be there. But my spicy dumplings are off limits!
  2. ashton

    What of Atomic?

    There you go that's age for you. I wrote that and I don't even remember. Yes, I think some pages may be missing, I vaguely recall a few having issues. The irony of ensuring something lasts for posterity is storing in a format that will be readable in the future. I'm sure the DjVu reader is still out there, but PDF is ubiquitous (incidentally, we did consider PDF for this original set, but they were too large even at lower quality to cram 50 issues on 2 CDs. DjVu was impressive for its time). Here's hoping our future alien overlords can read PDF, such that the prediction can become true :)
  3. ashton

    What of Atomic?

    I think this is a great idea and would like to see it simply as a means of posterity for Atomic. Some history on the the original 50: We did it cebelerate Atomic's 50th (duh) To give away all previous issues, a complete catalog, on a cover disk was the first of its kind in the world It used a now rather dated DjVu format to compress high-quality digital pages Craig Simms spent more hours than we care to remember scanning in old issues -- some of which had to be sourced from staff and community as AJB's archives let some slip through the cracks Craig also programmed the beautiful front-end To do it again would be easier with current tech, PDFs and DVDs could be used for reduced workload (time is money remember). And assuming people were willing to pay a little, Haymarket could produce only as many DVDs as were pre-ordered, thereby making it cost-effective and a guaranteed (though presumably small) return.
  4. ashton

    What of Atomic?

    *wipes tear* That was fantastic hulks. So too the eloquence of Devilsmurf on the previous page. This is what no other mag in the world has quite like Atomic -- you and everyone else in the community. Atomic started as a magazine but it became an icon, an emblem, a culture, a lifestyle, a hobby, a habit and best of all a friend. And that's simply awesome, and will live on even when pages are but dust in the wind.
  5. ashton

    What of Atomic?

    Well this is embarassing. I can't get into my old account, but fairly I haven't logged in for a long time. I never was the social glue like Ben and Dave, who are I think the best Editors Atomic could ever hope for. I came in to say thankyou Ben for starting it all, and Dave for keeping it alive even now as it lives on in PCA. And also to echo this, my friend: The rest I've already said to Dave (ok, I cried a little!) /Salute --- EDIT --- Ok, uncanny: