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  1. aquilus

    What a joke

    Right up there with flying cars, commercial flights to the Moon and the release of Star Citizen
  2. aquilus

    What a joke

    Personally I’ve seen far more people going ‘she? you mean HE lololol’ like they’re some kind of edgy comic genius than people going ‘I demand everyone and everything accept my new identity and if you don’t I’ll have you arrested’. I mean sure, pointedly refuse to respect someone’s choices, that shouldn’t be illegal- but don’t cry foul when people start perceiving you as a bit of an asshole as a result.
  3. aquilus

    Where is your god now

    Not exactly an unreasonable belief seeing the approach a lot of people have. My heart sinks every time I hear people claiming climate change is a myth, doubly so when it's important people. I guess I just can't give up, you know?
  4. aquilus

    Where is your god now

    I saw that thing on insects. If true it's pretty harrowing, as much as we bitch about them the entire biosphere's pretty much fucked without them. As for the general state of the world - weirdly I've never given up hope. Like even now with the shit hitting multiple fans, I have faith that humanity will eventually sort its shit out and we will be OK - albeit, we'll pay a price to do so and the longer we leave it the steeper that cost will be. Unfortunately that optimism tends to manifest in a seething rage at the people who perpetuate such actions, but I guess being an angry man's better than being one who no longer has expectations of his fellow man at all.
  5. aquilus

    Encroaching dystopia

    I've always found this to be a good summary of our planet and the wonderful little cyberpunk future we have right now
  6. aquilus

    Happy Invasion Day

    Boom. I also have something of a taste of salt in my mouth when I realise that this is the first public mention we've heard from KAK on this matter. If this bothers her so deeply, why is her first mention of it basically just an attempt to stomp on people trying to do good? Strikes me as disingenuous.
  7. aquilus

    Honest Government Ads

    Yeah I enjoy those. Especially the recent ones- Zoe's facial expressions are gold.
  8. aquilus

    What a joke

    I may have been getting some serious mileage out of this recently
  9. aquilus

    Happy Invasion Day

    Agreed. As the date of Federation I think that's pretty much the perfect day to celebrate who we are as a country. If people are worried about losing a public holiday, I wouldn't be opposed to making the next day the one people get off, like Australia Day on a weekend.
  10. aquilus

    how crap is this government ?

    It amuses me greatly that people ever thought he would be. He literally wrote the book on being a cunt, Dutton just added to it.
  11. aquilus

    What's on your mind?

    Honestly I've just come to the conclusion the place is terminally fucked.
  12. aquilus

    how crap is this government ?

    The second Latham gets into the cooking sherry and someone gives him stick for following orders from a woman, it's over.
  13. aquilus

    how crap is this government ?

    All stand for the new anthem
  14. aquilus

    how crap is this government ?

    It would be interesting to know if she ever felt bad about it. I mean there are some things you'd have to do as a lawyer that would trouble you, and it's why I could never do the job. Doubt it's ever a question she would want to answer though.
  15. aquilus

    how crap is this government ?

    Heh. True enough, and something worth considering.