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  1. peter_4059

    Ultrawide FHD

    Liking the extra screen area/FOV - can't really find any cons at this stage.
  2. peter_4059

    Ultrawide FHD

    Gave it a try tonight - all working nicely. Thanks for the advice.
  3. peter_4059

    Ultrawide FHD

    I've been thinking about a multiple monitor or a larger display for some time now as the 24" just seemed too small. Yesterday I decided to give a 21:9 Ultrawide FHD monitor a try. After looking at various reviews I settled on the 29" LG29EA73-P. It took a while to realise the ASUS R9 280X has two DVI connections however only one of them is dual link. With that resolved I was able to select 2560x1080 resolution and get underway. The R9 280X is happily rendering the extra pixels with no noticeable difference in frame rate and the monitor is not displaying any noticeable lag so I'm pretty happy so far. The only drawback I've noticed is a slight glow in the lower right corner when rendering a fully black image however this is not noticeable in normal use. I'm now considering connecting the old 24" FHD display as a second monitor for teamspeak etc. What do people recommend - is it better to connect it to the GPU or to the onboard graphics? I'm not planning to extend the gaming display over two monitors. Cheers, Peter
  4. I've used "Who Crashed" a couple of times with what I believe was reasonable success. It names the driver involved. In both cases I updated the driver and the BSOD issue went away. Anyone else had any experience with Who Crashed?
  5. peter_4059

    BF4 Naval Strike Postponed?

    I was expecting Naval Strike to be released today - looks like it's been postponed. Has anyone heard what went wrong?
  6. peter_4059

    telephone line surge protection

    I've had an ADSL modem/router fail following nearby lightning strike - everything else survived so I assume it was phone line related. I've now wired the incoming phone line through a surge protector and haven't noticed any impact on ADSL performance. I've been looking into having surge protection added to the junction box as it is a lot more cost effective than installing surge protected power boards around the house.
  7. peter_4059

    Atomic Main Screen flicker in IE11

    That fixed it - thanks.
  8. peter_4059

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    ok - got it worked out - needed to disable the intel integrated graphics. All good now.
  9. peter_4059

    Atomic Main Screen flicker in IE11

    I have two pc's that refuse to cooperate with the Atomic main web page - I keep getting a constant refresh of the screen that prevents me scrolling down the list of menu items. I have other laptops that display the page normally. Has anyone else encountered this and is there a fix? Cheers, Peter
  10. peter_4059

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    Installed AMD 14.1 beta tonight. BF4 plays fine until I try to access settings (to try and select Mantle) then it freezes and requires restart. Any thoughts on whether this is a driver issue or a BF4 issue?
  11. peter_4059

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    Finally got around to installing an SSD for BF4 yesterday. Decided on a Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB. I ended up moving all the Origin games (90GB) onto the SSD and leaving the Steam ones on the WD HDD. Only issue I had was with China Rising - had to delete the xpack1 directory and re-download/install to get this to work. It is a big improvement on load times for BF4.
  12. peter_4059

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    So I've got it already installed on a HDD along with all the other Origin and Steam games. Has anyone had success cut and pasting it to another SSD? I really don't want to have to go through the download/reinstall process if possible. Cheers, Peter
  13. peter_4059

    BF4 + BF3 Q

    Is there a way to have BF4 on a SSD with the rest of Origin/games on a HDD or does it all need to be on the same drive? Also interested to know what software was used to display the resource usage in the previous post?
  14. peter_4059

    Pulled the trigger R9 280X

    Liking the new card. I've been updating the drivers as new ones get released (and un-installing the old ones first). Planning to sell the 7870 but haven't got around to it yet.
  15. peter_4059

    Graphics artifacts related to game server?

    In terms of temps is looks to be maxed out at GPU 75C, Mem 67C, Board 74C, Power 75C and VDDCI 57C. This is the setup of the HS: http://www.kitguru.net/components/graphic-...tinum-review/2/