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    Eyefinity Black Border

    Good idea Antraman. Windowed mode is an improvement. I am sure there is a simple or maybe not so simple fix to this. I bet someone else out there has come across this problem. I guess triple HDMI Eyefinity isn't so common. I think it has something to do with CCC settings changes not taking in the game.
  2. stealthslide

    Eyefinity Black Border

    Sorry, I should have put HDMI > HDMI. The resolutions are detected. Underscan is default setting in Catalyst for HDMI. Heaven worked fine.
  3. stealthslide

    Eyefinity Black Border

    The Mini DP with Active Adapter works. The others have a full border, it looks just the same as before you set up overscan.
  4. stealthslide

    Eyefinity Black Border

    what cards and how are you running 3 monitors from hdmi? adapters? what are the monitors and there res what are the games? HD7870 MiniDisplayport (Active) to HDMI Displayport to HDMI DVI To HDMI AOC 2434PW x 3 5760x1080 + bezel correction Driver: San Francisco and GTR 2
  5. I just started running Eyefinity and in 2 games I have black borders around centre and right monitors. I checked overscan scaling options in CCC and each monitor is set to full. No black border in windows, only in game. 3 monitors the same running thru HDMI. What is the tick box for in scaling options in CCC (does not seem to affect the problem).
  6. stealthslide

    HD7000 rumors

    That Tahiti LE looks interesting. I haven't found any prices or stock yet though. Oh well, looks like an upgrade will be a Jan Bday present for me next year.
  7. Does anyone use an Active Mini displayport to HDMI adaptor for Eyefinity and if so where did you get it? I can't find one anywhere.