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    Fun with "Microsoft" phone scammers

    I once spent half an hour on the phone with them acting like an old man who didn't know what he was doing. Was pretty glorious.
  2. Hey all, just wondering if anyone knows whether there's a way to see and / or allocate specific data to a device. My old router had no such functionality and a quick google didn't show anything helpful. Hope you're all well. Thanks, Chad
  3. ChadMaestro

    My Rego has fallen down the end of the dash

    How the fuck do I deploy the airbag without crashing? DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME?!
  4. Hey I'm meant to be going out but in NZ here it's pretty strict with rego. Any way I can get it out of the dash between the window? Is it in the bonnet? Help appreciated x
  5. ChadMaestro

    Intel Haswell

    huge. That's a bit ambiguous, care to elaborate how? well it could be ~50% quicker while using about half the power lots of small steps in ipc have added up over the years along with the added bonus of higher clock speedshttp://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/47?vs=701 http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/cpu-cha...od%5B5753%5D=on So a big jump from my Q6600 too then? Prob not worth upgrading from my Pentium D.
  6. ChadMaestro

    USB 2.0 Ports not working on laptop

    Hm, so I'm typing from Firefox within the Live environment. Turns out it wasn't windows and the USB ports do not work here, either. That sucks.
  7. Hey, so weird thing. I bought a laptop a long time ago, top of the line, but when I bought I'd said to the guy not to worry about formatting it or anything like that, and I'd do it. Take it home, format, install Windows, bam, easy. Thing is, the USB 3 ports on the one side work but the USB 2 ports don't. It's like windows doesn't see there being USB ports at all. Now, I know the ports themselves work physically because I get power to devices, just no functionality. It never bugged my until recently the USB3 ports seem to be iffy with some devices. No matter what drivers I install, they don't play. I'm thinking I might run a Ubuntu live CD just to see if they work there. Any ideas, besides maybe I just haven't gotten the right drivers? Laptop: HP DV7-Something Screencap of DM: Maybe I've installed one-too many drivers?
  8. ChadMaestro

    Trying to fix towel rail in my bathroom

    Aw yis. Mother fucker what?! The issue was that there was a small screw on the underside of the big rail holder. So it didn't need wiggling, it needed unscrewing. With that, WHALA! Thanks for the help. : )
  9. ChadMaestro

    Trying to fix towel rail in my bathroom

    So I've actually rescrewed this one on just a cm higher, and planned to do that with the other one, but fuck me - getting this one hooked on is even more painful. Sigh
  10. ChadMaestro

    Trying to fix towel rail in my bathroom

    The thing moves freely around unless I hold the washer. If I hold the washer then it doesn't really move ... I'm kinda expecting to unclip/unhinge but it's plastic and I don't wanna break it.
  11. Hey, just noticed the towel rail in my bathroom is coming off and when I touched it, it did. The one side the whole thing came off, and the other side is still on. The two sides twist to fit the pole inbetween. Here's a pic. How do I get this one off the wall? Tried twisting with no success =\ Thanks in advance : ) <3
  12. ChadMaestro

    NFS - Underground II

    Also used to play this game for hours. I've been playing the new one but IMO ever since Carbon, none have ever been the same.
  13. ChadMaestro

    After Earth

    Oh God, I can't stand Will Smith's son. -__-
  14. Now you're two stars :D

  15. ChadMaestro

    Post pic's of yourself.

    Thanks, Mr. Good to see you're still around. How's that there Athlon XP clocking going? ;P Should be 20kg, but some manufacturers like being stupid and colouring them differently. International colour coding is red=25, blue=20, yellow=15, green=10, white=5. And then you can throw in a decimal point for the small plates, ie 2.5kg is also red. Wish I had a gym with equipment like that. Platform and bumper plates at my old gym would mean I wouldn't have had to spend nigh on two grand buying it all myself Sorry for late reply. From inner to outer - 25, 20, 20, 15. 180 incl bar. I've been doing DTP recently and am keen to get back into the compound movements.