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  1. Wow nice! My 8mb ADSL only has ~340Kb upload heh... :\It certainly looks good.... ?!?
  2. MrEs

    Raptor performance win7

    Now that's interesting; I wonder if the 5.9 limit also applies to hybrids.... ?
  3. Yea I used to have optus cable (like 10 years ago) at our old house... so it's just ordinary cable? :\
  4. MrEs

    Raptor performance win7

    if i recall, anything above 5.9 is specifically reserved for SSD (regardless of actual performance.... !)
  5. MrEs

    Creating/Editing PDF forms for free?

    try nitro, its editing capability is very limited though
  6. Optus supersonic broadband... What is it? does anybody have it? Is it any good?
  7. ^ Agreed dell monitors have been amazing for ~the last 2 years =)
  8. MrEs

    L4D comic

    not bad, got a bit long in the middle but not bad.. will be hanging out for the next one :)
  9. MrEs

    Upside down world map

    I wonder if space aliens would see the earth with a north upward bearing :P
  10. MrEs

    Changing video card and Windows 7

    I've changed video cards, sounds cards in the past and had no problems =)
  11. Yea, they are so good that quite a few of us at work bought our own SSDs in to put into our work machines, just to make our lives easier =)
  12. MrEs

    Never have I wanted a book so badly.

    i want a hard copy of the new l4d comic =)
  13. meh NBN, the whole point of the NBN is control and filtering... anything else is an excuse. The NBN will put control in the hands of the government in a way they cant have now because they will own the core infrastructure as opposed to now where they need cooperation from all the technology owners. Then comes the filtering, first in a blacklist then in a whitelist.
  14. MrEs

    Need For Speed World MMO goes Free to play.

    lol dam was keen to try it until you all poo pooed it with your comments :P
  15. MrEs

    Headphones: Open vs Closed

    ^^ Good post It depends a lot on your environment and the ambiance; however open will always sound better. Also with closed cans the sound always sound like its coming from inside your head where as open cans can have a much better staging... meaning the sounds can sound like they are further away (and further to the side)... which is handy for gaming cause it can help you 'position' your opponents ;)