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  1. Juggalo Scrub

    The big day

    Yes eveln, we have already established that this does not affect those who remained logged in. Hence my ability to post from another device with those accounts. As stated, this appears to be an issue when logging in.
  2. Juggalo Scrub

    The big day

    Logged out as Juggs, tried to log in as JS, got told my Username or password is incorrect. Tried Juggs again, no dice. Cheeky tried to log in, same again. I should point out that i'm on my ipad and that it was logged in beforehand... I was attempting all of the above on my laptop, that had Juggs logged in initially.
  3. Juggalo Scrub

    What's on your mind?

    While there are more variables then I'd like, the plan is to go. Rob. One thing i know as truth. If you want it to happen badly enough, it will happen.
  4. Juggalo Scrub

    Google Play Reviews Outs You!

    Because vito doesnt think turn about is fair play...
  5. Wait up, i get the joke... Robzy recognises a vagina! Ahahahahahaha :P
  6. You been fucking Squidy's ladies lately?
  7. Juggalo Scrub

    Xmas present ideas

    My daughter is getting a long weekend (haven't decided how long yet - 4 - maybe 6 days) on the gold coast to do all the theme parks. Of course, it's handy that we wouldn't mind doing the same... :P
  8. Juggalo Scrub

    The Atomic Wedding of the Decade [telegram wall]

    Doing what people normally do in the desert... Waiting at the airport to head to our second destination.
  9. Juggalo Scrub

    The Atomic Wedding of the Decade [telegram wall]

    Thanks guys :) I've been mostly offline of late, this is what I have just posted on facebook: Chilling at departures in the airport, getting ready for our flight out to Hong Kong. Its been a hectic couple of days, that all I've wanted to do (in between packing and getting shit sorted before we leave) is to sit back and play video games. Not something I've been able to do for a while. I'll be spending some of this time to go through the 3 thousand notification messages that you buggers have spammed me with. Then, in a few weeks time when we're back, I'll return the favour with holiday photos :) But thanks to everyone for everything - for being there, for taking photos, for your generosity, and just being awesome (especially those who wanted to be there, but couldn't). We'll catch up proper when we're back. And I'll come armed with usb hard drives. Now its time to kick back, relax, and try not to get locked up in Dubai because I'm wearing a purple t-shirt. Take it easy, folks. as far as pictures go, post them if you got them. This one was taken by Cheeky's Dad: This one was taken by Felipe: This one by Squidy: This one by Gir: There are literally hundreds of photos taken, I'll be hassling people for their originals :)
  10. Juggalo Scrub

    At home and Hawkeye visits.

    It also helps that i got it cheap because the girl behind the counter had nfi what it was worth and took m of the cuff rough estimate as gospel. I can be a right cunt :P
  11. Juggalo Scrub

    At home and Hawkeye visits.

    I have a bar.
  12. Juggalo Scrub

    Atomic Meet 13 Planning Committee

    Not much. :P
  13. Juggalo Scrub

    U.S Ambassador killed by angry Libyan mob

    They don’t hate us, they just hate their lives And desperate people learn to despise The suicidals, don’t want a clue They don’t wanna blow up They just want they 72 72 virgins can never stop a war But 100 000 hookers can beat them a recur And stopping hatred, fighting will cease When everyone is getting blowjobs That’s when we’ll finally have world peace How many million men have been killing for in wars We need to reinstate the draft enlist a million whores Start with sororities, and all the spring breaks Ship the girls gone wild to Afghanistan They’ll cleverly blow they shakes These holy wars aren’t holy It’s not the military complex Terrorist or 16 year old kids Who were promised Jihad sex Maybe, if they could see a woman’s face They might not get on to that plane With a bomb in their suitcase 72 virgins can never stop a war But 100 000 hookers can beat them a recur And stopping violence, fighting will cease When everyone is getting blowjobs That’s when we’ll finally have world peace.
  14. Juggalo Scrub

    why i hate the future our children will live in

    did you just accidentally the whole thing? because you fucking so.
  15. Juggalo Scrub

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    No. I've worked for them. Different departments and proprietors have there own way of doing things, but i can assure you that staff discounts, are discounts, wether it be cost, or 10% off RETAIL or just what ever the proprietor wants to quote. On a different note, staff members may not be able to buy things under cost price, even if advertised. Wrong. Different dept's and props have their own way of doing things, but the base line is still the same. You work in furniture with a million % markup, of course the discounts are going to be greater than a store with only 5% markup. Doesn't mean the cost price is calculated any differently...