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  1. Juggalo Scrub

    Well, well, fucking well.

    I see someone has been allowed to have emotions again... >_>
  2. Juggalo Scrub

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    One of those alts we're apparently not allowed to talk about.
  3. Juggalo Scrub

    What's on your mind?

    I reckon it might be. Only thing worse than a project manager is those fucking ITSM wankers they hire who read the books but never worked a real day in their life. And i'm surrounded by both!
  4. Juggalo Scrub

    What's on your mind?

    I mean, I could give birth to an absolutely monstrous project manger. If that's what you're after?
  5. Juggalo Scrub

    It's time to spill your guts

    I have to admit that my mind always read Elven as Eleven. And then Stranger Things became a thing. And then someone linked me to CDAN at work, and so i started reading that. And now I'm back here and I see ElevenWhore and I'm all "it might be time to stick a pin it it".
  6. Juggalo Scrub

    Neighbours huge tree

    Only because you fart dust. Nothing is old compared to you.
  7. Juggalo Scrub

    Atomic Origins

    You have a gimbal worth more than more than a couple of my guitar pedals. Don't be shy!
  8. Juggalo Scrub

    Atomic Origins

    A gentleman never tells. Me tho?
  9. Juggalo Scrub

    Neighbours huge tree

    That's an extremely valid point.
  10. Juggalo Scrub

    What's on your mind?

    Bist du (and what a) schwanger?
  11. Juggalo Scrub

    Neighbours huge tree

    Thungy sounds like someone who tripped over the coffee table while naked.
  12. Juggalo Scrub

    Atomic Origins

    1.4 tbird (pencilled) NFI about ram/hdd/etc GF2MX400(? sounds about right?) Grabbed a HX08. Some thermaltake(?) wc kit i picked up from someone cheap at a lan. Black and red spray paint. Case window. a "ThunderTube" 12v "lightening rod" that i removed the mic from the casing and hooked up to a headphone jack to get pulsing sounds based on the sound card (so much so that I was complained about for cheating at a CANCON before it moved to EPIC). And a CRT heavier than your mum HEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  13. Juggalo Scrub

    Neighbours huge tree

    Does it bump?
  14. Juggalo Scrub

    Neighbours huge tree

    Went to bump my POTM, but not even way back machine has that archived (2004). Go nuts. You gotta share or it's lost.
  15. Juggalo Scrub

    Neighbours huge tree

    But for what? And who cares? This is a living wake where people tell stories about the past, and in this one instance - there is a reply. How about let people do that. It's not as if discussions are being drowned out.