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  1. Shirley you jest

    Well hello PCPP peeps

    Is Jane coming over too? That would be double plus good!
  2. Shirley you jest

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Norway has it's own language now? Glad your are doing well. :) Only since Frozen.
  3. Shirley you jest

    What's on your mind?

    Probably just had the wrong address, dude. Oridinary occurances have ordinary explanations.
  4. Shirley you jest

    What's on your mind?

    Bastard- now, so do I!!! :) I had fish and chips. And it was fucking awesome! -X Free kebabs for life are better
  5. Shirley you jest

    QUICK! Pizza is on its way but...

    $2.20. In twenty cent pieces So I am generous but also a bit of a cunt.
  6. Shirley you jest

    Child born with HIV cured by US doctors

    I guess just like you Mr Mullis doesn't look for answers. He just likes asking "questions" and arguing in bad faith.
  7. Shirley you jest

    Child born with HIV cured by US doctors

    So what is your "question"?
  8. Shirley you jest

    Child born with HIV cured by US doctors

    And I have asked you before what does that question mean? The link is not poorly understood. Indeed the idea that a disease which reduces immune function leads to more infections would make sense to anyone. Aside from the complaining about funding going to people who want to do science and treat patients rather than prove points where (and I have asked this before) is the gap? What is this winner information that the "dogma" is denying?
  9. Shirley you jest

    Child born with HIV cured by US doctors

    Also you are mixed up about funding. The figures you quote are total US federal gov. expenditure on HIV/AIDS vs the funding of just research in one division of the National Institutes of health. You are comparing a barrel of apples to just one orange.
  10. Shirley you jest

    Child born with HIV cured by US doctors

    So it not suspicious that there is no "cure" for cancer but it is that there is no "cure" for HIV/AIDS? And this is a conspiracy? Why is Karposi's sarcoma significant?
  11. Shirley you jest

    The Coalition has my vote!

    Lol you are quite delusional, we went to Afghan to kill a bunch of people, the fact that we can liberate them from oppression whilst killing the people we set out to kill is just a bonus, not the reason we went to war. Next thing your're gonna say is we went to Iraq to find WMD's lol Lol tee hee fart. Thank Christ you have left the military. You do realise that Afghanistan is our ally, right. That we are in their country (now) at their behest? Rofl But by all means, let's "kill a bunch of people" and then treat the victims of those people as criminals when they seek the protection of their ally. No hypocrisy there. http://www.defence.gov.au/op/afghanistan/info/factsheet.htm
  12. Shirley you jest

    The Hawkeye Initiative

    No, I was more thinking that men tend to be extremely under represented. But given the topic is to do with both genders something more like GALFA or LGBT health would be more in line with the OP? In what?
  13. Shirley you jest

    chiropractor vs physiotherapist

    an. 12, 2011 -- A new study weighs in on the debate over the relative safety of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), commonly used to treat joint and muscle aches and pain. The study, published online in the BMJ, concludes that NSAIDs significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular events in patients who take them regularly. http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/news/20...ovascular-risks Thank god we aren't talking about "regular" usage, hey?
  14. Shirley you jest

    The Hawkeye Initiative

    It's International Women's Day...and THAT'S what you bring to the table? I'm sorry... the point is? Hows about you read the OP, and what it's trying to say. Then have a think about how that might be related to IWD. Then have a think about how "gamer/computer related charity" needs to stretch a fair bit to fit under the previous parameters. What I'm basically saying is, feed the mouse in your brain some cheese and get those cognitive cogs turning. Sorry i must have been far too ambiguous with how i put that. I read the OP... and i think if this were to go to somewhere, something more like men's health week would be better. FYI my quip was not directed towards the gamer/computer related charity... cause that's just ridiculous Yeah cause we have to make sure this issue is all about men...
  15. Shirley you jest

    Child born with HIV cured by US doctors

    Your point about slow viruses is still not clear. We know there are a number of viruses in mammals which take some time to manifest symptoms. This is well known and so HIV doing this is no surprise. The disease In PNG that your are referring to is Kuru. The causative agent is not a virus at all. It's a prion.