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    PSA - Mega.co.nz (not spam!)

    I signed up, not sure what I'm gonna do with it. Probably use it as a way to directly share files with friends.
  2. richard parker


    I disagree. It was an FPS, the PC version had its own PC interface and controls, if you used an Xbox 360 controller it completely changed the interface around. It was also one of the first games that had DX10 on PC, if not the first. Not necessarily the controls or UI, it's about the gameplay. Look at how Deus Ex and System Shock 2 were made. In console gameplay, it seems like everything is very forgiving and streamlined. You'll never have to wonder what to do or where to go. Also see Dragon Age 1 vs Dragon Age 2, or Deus Ex 1 vs the sequel I forgot the name of.
  3. richard parker


    I'm thinking because the franchise is a bit overdone. I was expecting something more similar to System Shock 2 when Bioshock first came out but it turns out that it was just a very console oriented game.
  4. richard parker


    I'll wait until they release the newest Zelda and Smash Brothers and then see. Also I hope they come out with some nice party/casual/social games. I have a PC for legit gaming.
  5. richard parker

    PS3 vs Xbox 360 controllers for PC gaming

    Xbox 360 controllers work well without requiring much configuration probably because the games you want to play with the controller were probably ported to PC anyway. They are overpriced but reliable.
  6. richard parker

    MSI Notebook Prize Giveaway

    Hi everyone. MSI Notebook Australia is giving away 10 DiRT Showdown Steam codes every week for the next 11 weeks. There's also a secret prize after enough people enter which are really nice SteelSeries Siberia headphones (don't tell anyone!). That's 110 copies total and we don't expect that many people will enter so I think your probability of winning even without 'sharing' is at least 1:7 if you enter early. http://www.facebook.com/msiaus?fref=ts
  7. richard parker

    Best sound card, advice needed..

    Like what everyone else said, probably the Asus Xonar. That's what everyone is getting these days .
  8. richard parker

    Hello Skype, goodbye Windows Live Messenger

    IMO the future of leisure chat is Line. The emoticons are by far the best.
  9. richard parker

    Farcry 3?

    I swear Far Cry 3 is a conspiracy by software and hardware developers to force people to upgrade their computers. After I disabled SSAO and depth of field by editing the config file the game became playable on my Core 2 E7400 @ 3.5 GHZ / 560 GTX whereas before it was unplayable (15-20ish fps) with all settings in game set to low. I think The Witcher 2 is the same. I never got that to run well though - but then again I never tried tweaking it.
  10. richard parker

    Is it ok if I...

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Yep I definitely saw that. O_O Can I get Official MSI Notebook Rep title on the left? Or do I have to reach a certain post count :P
  11. richard parker

    Is it ok if I...

    Hi, I'm from GlobalPR and we represent MSI Notebook in Australia Can I post a link to a MSI Notebook Australia prize giveaway? Also, what about the possibility of me posting as the official MSI Notebook rep for the Australia region? I believe Hooj had permission before. I will not try to advertise MSI products. I will just post as a regular person and provide tech support and answer questions about MSI Notebooks. I can PM mods for proof if it's needed.