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  1. Joelz

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Thanks for reminding me I have a digital sub to Retro Gamer. I don't have any physical mags anymore...cleaned house a few years back. Some old Amiga Formats I carried around, plus some Atomics and PCPPs....can't remember what I did with them all but they're gone. Is there a digital archive somewhere or nah?
  2. Joelz

    Atomic Origins

    Wow those names bring back memories. Both the #pcpp and #atomicmpc IRC channels were so much fun back in the day, I was much more active there than either forum. I wonder where all those IRC guys are now....
  3. Joelz

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Damn and I only just got back
  4. Joelz

    You like my beard?

    Man, awesome beard. I've been growing mine since xmas (well the goatee part), and it's only an inch off my chin. Dammit. BTW, speak to Nich about plaiting it, I'm pretty sure he invented it.
  5. Joelz

    Your Favourite Insult Names

    I'm trying to bring back "Dirtbag", and "Jerk". Love calling people dirtbags.
  6. Joelz

    NSW -- the hottest place on Earth

    Darwin? Not that north.
  7. Joelz

    NSW -- the hottest place on Earth

    It's 47 at my house right now, and I'm north of Melbourne.
  8. Joelz

    How do I ask a young lady out?

    "Hi, my name is <yourname>, we should grab a drink tonight. What time do you knock off?"
  9. Joelz

    Games that deserve a HD remake

    Quake. Golden Axe. Streets Of Rage. Delta Force.
  10. Joelz

    Elevator Glitch

    See my post in your other thread. Cheating in online games is for morons. Seriously. Practise, get better, get a good score legitimately. File complaints against cheaters. I'm right.
  11. Joelz

    x box cod world at war

    These are glitches in the game, they aren't supposed to be there, and people that use them piss me off. If you did some searching on a certain video site you could see how people do them. I honestly don't see the fun in doing it, you might as well just play single player, or even better, sit in a dark corner for an entire match instead of playing properly. Be warned though, by exploiting the game, you're breaking the Xbox Live Terms & Conditions, and you will most likely be reported for it. I report any glitchers I see, not to mention kill them, whether they're on my team or not. I only play hardcore.
  12. Joelz

    Operation Anchorage is live!

    Was very short, and very linear. Felt like I was playing Call of Duty! Rewards at the end were cool though.
  13. Joelz

    So what kind of guitar is this?

    You can play the song on any guitar, so I'd suggest a cheaper one to start with. If you do have your heart set on that style, I'd go with what superfireydave recommended, a Squire Telecaster.
  14. Joelz

    MSN Messenger email checking

    I've installed the last Windows Live Messenger (Build 14.0.8050.1202) from www.windowslive.com, and my inbox is opening in Firefox :)
  15. Joelz

    GTA series

    I agree, I just cant get back into GTA4. I want to love it, and I want to get into it, I just can't. I fired it up today, for the first time since about July, I think I'm about half way through the story missions. I started driving to the mission, watched the cut scene, started the mission, accidently ran over a cop, fled from the cops for about 20 seconds, then quit. Played for under 10 mins. I probably wont touch it again for months.