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  1. jamieyoung2013

    new monitor help! 4k or Ultrawide?

    Hey guys, not really good with forums. As the title states can I please have some help! For the first time I actually want to spend quite a bit of money on a monitor, I have a budget of $1200. I have been reading up a lot about monitors, I'm looking at which to buy and It is too much to take in. At first I was contemplating 4k although after hours spent on the Youtubes I'm considering a 34" Ultra wide screen 3440x1440 curved monitor. I am currently using an Asus 27" 3D 120hz VG278H. These are currently the models I have been looking at: Phillips BDM4065UC 40" 4k Monitor - $1099 @ PCCASEGEAR LG 34UC87C 34" Curved Ultra wide IPS Monitor - $1169 @ PCCASEGEAR Samsung S34E790C 34" Ultra Wide Curved LED Monitor - $1165 @ PCCASEGEAR I will primarily be playing games. I'm not a professional gamer, I play games as an escape and a way to detox and relax so immersion is a big deal for me. System: Core i7-2600 - 3.4ghz 16GB DDR3 1333Mhz Nvidia GTX 660 TI SuperClocked (Will be upgrading to either a 980 or a 980ti later in the year) Any suggestions on a good ultra wide monitor for my budget? or should I go with a 4k? Thanks heaps in advanced! Jamie P.S: No stores in my area have any on display so I'm only going by what I see online
  2. jamieyoung2013

    new budget graphics card suggestions?

    Oh okay, well i'm pretty sure my motherboard only has a PIC-E 2.0 port, would I just bottlekneck a card that's too powerful? sorry, I don't know too much about this. Never really liked MSY always been loyal to PCCG, and they have the 1GB OC 7850 for $180 which I can afford.
  3. jamieyoung2013

    new budget graphics card suggestions?

    Thanks heaps for the advice guys. Here's the card I will most likely end up getting :) Not too expensive either, money is a bit of a hassle at the moment. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=19729 Also on a random note, do you think that would perform much better than a HD4870 1GB, thats my old graphics card, but it is currently in my dads pc, and I didn't want to deprive him of his games haha.
  4. jamieyoung2013

    new budget graphics card suggestions?

    Yes, sorry it will be on 1920x1080. Also i would not like to spend too much money do you think the 7770 could handle it, theres the gigabyte 2gb oc edition although it has ddr3 memory not gddr5, will that make much of a difference?
  5. Hey :) been out of this scene for a while and would really like some other peoples opinions. Looking into buying a new graphics card, but am not looking at spending to much money. All i'm wanting to play is WoW and GW2. My laptop is as follows: Core i7 3610QM 3.4 Ghz (Quad Core) 8GB DDR3 Nvidia GT630M 2GB Since, mists of pandaria I can only run WoW on medium settings and can only run GW2 on low settings. I do have my old pc which lacks a graphics card. 8GB DDR3 2066Mhz Corsair Dominator Core I7-930 3.4 Ghz (Quad Core) I forget the rest, been sitting in the cupboard for a while. Any suggestions on the cheapest graphics card possible to run those 2 games comfortably on highest settings? Was looking at the hd7750 2gb oc edition? only $99 Cheers, Jamie